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can my zonal geranium survive indoors

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steph05-Sep-06 09:54 PM EST
chris06-Sep-06 11:04 AM EST 5   
Colleen06-Sep-06 08:45 PM EST 2b   
Trish27-Sep-06 07:52 PM EST 8b   
marg28-Sep-06 07:49 AM EST   
Nancy02-Oct-06 04:04 PM EST 5   

Subject: can my zonal geranium survive indoors
From: steph (
Date: 05-Sep-06 09:54 PM EST

I wanted to know if my zonal geranium could survive indoors for the winter. its always been potted so i was wondering if i could just bring it in and if it would live. I know it would be easy to just buy a new one, but its grown large and this is the first time i have ever grown anything before and am quite proud of it.

Subject: RE: can my zonal geranium survive indoors
From: chris (
Zone: 5
Date: 06-Sep-06 11:04 AM EST

I have been bringing in my zonals for about 4 yrs and they do fine in a sunny window. I put them into the garden every summer and pot them for indoors in October. I like the idea of keeping it growing and in fact it sometimes flowers in late winter and early spring, although a bit leggy.

Subject: RE: can my zonal geranium survive indoors
From: Colleen (
Zone: 2b
Date: 06-Sep-06 08:45 PM EST

Like Chris said, your plant should do fine in a sunny window for the winter. If you don't have a sunny window, don't worry, just prune it in the spring when you are ready to set it outside and it will get fresh growth. Make sure the plant is dry before watering--it doesn't need much water in the winter. You can also take cuttings in the spring so you can multiply the number of plants you have. Geraniums are easy to root from cuttings so would be a good project for someone who hasn't grown anything before. I still have one of the geraniums that my mother got for a shower present over 50 years ago--not the original plant but plants carried on from cuttings.

Subject: RE: can my zonal geranium survive indoors
From: Trish
Zone: 8b
Date: 27-Sep-06 07:52 PM EST

I don't have a good sunny spot in the house to keep geraniums. Would they survive in a raised planter in an unheated greenhouse?

Subject: RE: can my zonal geranium survive indoors
From: marg
Date: 28-Sep-06 07:49 AM EST

I dig up my geraniums in late Sept./early Oct. depending on the weather we're having. Right now it's still great! After I dig them up, I root prune, they get a large rootball by fall, and then trim the tops, then I plant them in pots. I spray both the plants and the container with insecticidal soap and water the rest into the soil. That is to make sure I get all insect eggs and adults that have stayed attached. After that, I put them in a cool garage, we keep it just above freezing. I keep the soil just moist so that the root ball never gets a chance to dry out maybe 2 or 3 times during the winter. Since the garage isn't really heated, they stay damp. In about Feb. I start watering regularly and fertilizing when I see new growth. I've been doing it this way for 7 years and not lost to many. I tried hanging them upside down in the garage but they dried out and didn't grow much and what did grow was very spindly. Hope this helps. marg I forgot to mention that there is only one regular light bulb in the garage and it is only on at night.

Subject: RE: can my zonal geranium survive indoors
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 02-Oct-06 04:04 PM EST

I have a flourescent light in my cool basement that I use for overwintering plants and cuttings. For the zonal geraniums, I keep one plant much like Marg, heavily pruned both top and bottom in a pot under the lights, plus several tip cuttings taken in mid September. The cuttings are my insurance against loosing the larger potted plant, and the offpring give me several plants to choose from to repeat the exercise in the following fall.

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