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Bhupi07-Aug-06 09:07 AM EST 5b   
Shari08-Aug-06 12:35 PM EST 6   
frances09-Aug-06 10:48 AM EST 6   
Shari09-Aug-06 11:59 AM EST 6   

Subject: Help Converting Lawn into Rockery/Shrubs
From: Bhupi
Zone: 5b
Date: 07-Aug-06 09:07 AM EST


I've got a 20 x 30ft front garden which is 80% lawn. It has full sun from morning till 7.00pm.

I don't have time to pull the weeds out and look after the lawn so want an easy care garden.

I want to remove the lawn create flower beds (some raised) but need advice as I am new to Canadian Gardening. Flowering perennials that worship the sun would be a huge asset.

I want to bring in rock/gravel pathways. Its a project that I'm hoping to start in spring after the snow is gone but could do with some advice so that I can start planning it now.

Advice on plants, shrubs would be great. I have no problem growing plants from seed.

Please help.

Subject: RE: Help Converting Lawn into Rockery/Shrubs
From: Shari (
Zone: 6
Date: 08-Aug-06 12:35 PM EST

Hi Bhupi,

I also am planning to remove my lawn and plant other groundcovers and perennials. I just came across this website which has lots of helpful information:

Good luck! Take pictures!


Subject: RE: Help Converting Lawn into Rockery/Shrubs
From: frances (
Zone: 6
Date: 09-Aug-06 10:48 AM EST

I also am in the process over taking out the last area of lawn in my garden. Have covered it with newspaper then covered the paper with compost. Will leave it until Oct when I wil plant ground cover. I have a cottage garden with winding stone paths that I have created during the last 10 years.

Subject: RE: Help Converting Lawn into Rockery/Shrubs
From: Shari (
Zone: 6
Date: 09-Aug-06 11:59 AM EST

One of my challenges is that my front yard is on a steep slope. It is bisected by my driveway.I am planning to put in a terraced rock garden below the driveway - that will be a lot of work but fun! Above the driveway I want to replace the lawn (which is in crappy condition - 1/3 grass, 1/3 weeds, 1/3 bare spots) with a low-growing, attractive ground cover that is easy to care for and doesn't need mowing. It gets quite hot and dry so drought- and heat-tolerant platns are a must.

Frances,what are you planning to do with the last part of your lawn?

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