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Diane15-Aug-06 01:52 PM EST   

Subject: Allium Seeds
From: Diane
Zone: 3
Date: 06-Aug-06 11:14 PM EST

My Allium has gone to seed, I have taken the seeds from the little pods. Any ideas as to how to get them to grow for next year. I love allium when they are flowering and when they are drying. They add some interest to the garden. Thanks

Subject: RE: Allium Seeds
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 09-Aug-06 11:03 PM EST

Hi Diane, I've never tried to grow allium from seed so I can't help you in that respect. I can tell you that a friend had given me some seed sprouts of giant alliums that had self seeded in her garden. They looked very fine...almost like young chives when I planted them. Then they disappeared to return the following year. Each year thereafter they came up slightly bigger , but it still took at least 3 years before they were mature enough to bloom and even then they weren't of a large size. Now, 5 years later they're a nice size bloom. Just wanted to let you know that they take a while to mature. I'd try a couple of methods...try to start some indoors and also drop some on the soil in the garden, let mother nature take it's course and see what happens. Can't lose for trying I always say. Good luck!

Subject: RE: Allium Seeds
From: Diane
Date: 15-Aug-06 01:52 PM EST

Thx so much for the advise. I shall try the sprinkle route in the fall and will try to start some inside during the winter. Different zones, different techniques. I shall be patient either way.

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