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Sherry01-Sep-06 03:24 PM EST 3a   
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Pearl H. frushour28-Sep-06 09:07 PM EST   

Subject: need help mother nature making me NUTS!
Date: 03-Aug-06 06:46 PM EST

I live in North east ohio and as many know it has rained here just about every day this summer. many areas have flooded. I have a garden with the community gardens and need a few hints or suggestions. First when I signed up for the garden I thought I was getting the same spot as last year however have come to find out new rows were added and my site used to be the gravel road. I thought the people next to us were just putting all thier rocks in our spot. I tried to clear out as many as i could but to get them all would have been impoosable.any tips on dealing with a ton of rocks? second... I believe the garden is being seriously overwatered due to all the rain. we have had up to 10 inches of rain a day most days. My options are somewhat limited because it is a community garden but any tips on how to deal with all the water? Many of the leaves on the plants are turning yellow. I have a ton of weeds but almost feel like leaving them so they will use some of this water.

Subject: RE: need help mother nature making me NUTS!
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 04-Aug-06 02:16 AM EST

10 INCHES of rain most days??? OHHHH NO!! Sorry to tell you but even if you had plants that like a wet, boggy area that is too wet for anything to do survive in, let alone do well. The only thing I can think of regarding your rocks is depending how rocky it really is, is to leave them in.. maybe that would help with the drainage.. Sorry, wish I could be of some help, maybe someone else has some good idea's. In the meantime I wish you some drier weather!!!!

Subject: RE: need help mother nature making me NUTS!
From: Shari (
Zone: 6
Date: 04-Aug-06 07:10 PM EST

could you dig a trench around your plot to divert some of the water?

Subject: RE: need help mother nature making me NUTS!
From: Shari (
Zone: 6
Date: 05-Aug-06 11:10 AM EST

Never mind, that was a dumb idea. Since the rain falls directly on your plot. Didn't quite think that one through

No, on second thought I doubt there's anything you can do. Just a bad year for everyone in your area.

Subject: RE: need help mother nature making me NUTS!
From: Sherry (
Zone: 3a
Date: 01-Sep-06 03:24 PM EST

I am so sorry for butting in to this thread, but this seems like the best place.

I have a Jasmin plant which I keep out side, I am getting ready to bring it in, "But" I have a little problem...

My Jasmin has Ants... So my question is, How do I get the Ants to go "Bye Bye" before I bring my plant in the house?

If any one can help my this would be great.

What I was thinking was to take all of the dirt out of the plant, and re-soil it?

so as you can see...Help. and thank you ..=)


Subject: RE: need help mother nature making me NUTS!
From: (
Zone: 4
Date: 04-Sep-06 10:57 AM EST

Sherry probaly would have been better to start your own thread but.. what you can try with the ants is cover your whole jasmin plant pot and all with a clear bag and leave it outside for a few days (this will warm up the bag so dont fry your plant) that should take care of all bugs that are in it.

Subject: RE: need help mother nature making me NUTS!
From: Pearl H. frushour
Date: 28-Sep-06 09:07 PM EST

I had ants turn up in my alohvera plant. I couldn't figure out where they were coming from altho we do get ants in the kitchen if it is too wet or if it is too dry outside. then I discovered the ants walking down the long aloh blades. I put some ant granules in the pot and they left or died. Then this summer all of a sudden when I watered my orchard in a different part of the kitchen ants came out of the bark like crazy. the ant granules did not take care of this so I shall repot it in new bark. Guess the ants want to live in the house.

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