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Subject: Cucumber problems
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 29-Jul-06 06:17 PM EST

For a few years my greenhouse cucumbers have been a problem. I used to get really nice ones,although the stalks were never thick as they are in nurseries. Now the stalks split and the leaves get brown blotches. The fruit is small.They atract spidermites. I assume they are lacking nutrients,but can't understand what is now preventing them from getting these nutrients.I have tried different potting soil,and potting mediums;I installed a humidifier as the greenhouse is dry;used rainwater instead of tap water;I have tried 20-20-20,seaweed fertilizer,fish fertilizer.I grow them in large containers.They seem to do well until it's time to fruit,then they start to fail.I have received helpful advice from the forum before,so would be very happy if someone could steer me in the right direction.Thanks.

Subject: RE: Cucumber problems
Date: 30-Jul-06 09:06 AM EST

Subject: RE: Cucumber problems
Date: 01-Aug-06 01:20 PM EST

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