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Subject: creating dry creek beds
From: Nance
Zone: 3
Date: 28-Jul-06 04:17 PM EST


I am an organic, nature scape, perennial and fruit tree type in the country.

Along our south property line we have planted a 300 foot bank with shrubs.

At the foot of the bank is the swale that keeps water away from our home.

How do we best dry creek bed this expanse?

I would like it for water runoff and to allow those shrubs some water.

Specifically I have heard we have to get to the clay (as soil will grow weeds/grass etc).

Do we do this with a mini excavator? How do we keep from tearing up existing grass?

How do we dig without having the mulched hillside/bank cave in and drop mulch continuallly into our new gully?

Do we line with poly or with fabic?

Do we start with big rocks or little?

Any good books to recommend? Everything I have found seems small scale for city folk. I don't want to be weeding it and wonder about the size.

Any other ideas would be appreciated.

Thanks Nance

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