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Michelle. L.26-Jul-06 01:01 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Vegetable gardens
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 26-Jul-06 01:01 PM EST

Hi Shari, decided to start a new thread because they are both getting long, and this might be a good topic to start one under.. got your update on your garden, good news!! Your tomatoes are ahead of mine, although grown to a good size, mine still have yet to ripen..don't worry too much about overplanting your carrots, I do that every year and they still with time seem to grow a decent size, the good part about carrots is they can stay planted a long time in the garden, well in to late fall/ early winter. I tried a new variety this year [ along with my regular] and they are called Purple Haze, purple on the outside and orange inside.. they are supposedly one of the best fresh eating carrots, they don't recommend them for cooking, but am disappointed to find they are not very good, not very sweet and they don't have that fresh garden carrot flavor.. oh well, I guess you don't know till you try, i also tried a different variety of lettuce [ mesclun baby mix] and it is great!! Will definetly grow again next year. Anyone in my area is also welcome to cucumbers.. they are growing like crazy and we are eating them till they are coming out of our ears!!!LOL By the way, I noticed you did go on the live chat but you logged on on Saturday, it is on Sundays.. just thought i would let you know in case I gave you the wrong day by accident.. [ sorry].

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