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Shari25-Jul-06 12:13 PM EST 6   

Subject: weed control
From: Shari (
Zone: 6
Date: 25-Jul-06 12:13 PM EST

This post is in response to Eleanor's question in the "Looking for advice" about her clover-like weed.

Eleanor, I have a weed that matches that description and I just pull it out of my garden - it doesn't have a long taproot & comes out pretty easily, and as far as I can see pulling it doesn't propagate it. It also helps to pull it when it's very small. Does this not work for you? If not maybe it's not the same as mine.

I also have it in my lawn, but I just leave it as: - there's too much to pull; - my lawn is really crappy & weedy anyway, and is eventually going to get replaced; - and I kind of like it, it's pretty & doesn't seem to be causing harm.

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