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tree for small area at beach

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clair20-Jul-06 09:22 PM EST

Subject: tree for small area at beach
From: clair
Date: 20-Jul-06 09:22 PM EST

could not find my zone, i live in Ocean City, Maryland if that helps and i'm trying to find a tree to plant that would have a "tap" root instead of roots that spread out. Yes I am on 3 blocks from the ocean. I've been told that a maple has spreading roots. The space is small, approx. 4' wide by 9'long. At one time we had a tree there that was at least 20' tall. We took it out because it had the "spreading" roots and was breaking the driveway. A tree that has it's leafy growth above a person's height, in other words no leaves done low, preferably a leaf tree instead of fur type. Has anyone heard of an "alley Elm", a developer used these in a neighborhood along the sidewalks, evidently a tree for small areas. Can anyone help or direct me to information on trees, i.e., size, root growth etc. Thank you.

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