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ants in the house

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Doug18-Jul-06 08:06 AM EST 6   
Donna18-Jul-06 02:45 PM EST 3a   
19-Jul-06 10:34 AM EST   
Verena19-Jul-06 04:25 PM EST 3   
jeannine20-Jul-06 10:25 AM EST 3   
Marg21-Jul-06 06:52 PM EST   
Valerie25-Jul-06 10:44 PM EST 2b   

Subject: ants in the house
From: Doug (
Zone: 6
Date: 18-Jul-06 08:06 AM EST

Not sure if this is a garden question or not, but I have just noticed those very tiny ants that swarm in clumps periodically outside, inside my kitchen door. They are coming and going out of a small hole in the baseboard (1/16"). How can I get rid of them?? I also have a labrador dog that will eat anything. Argh! Thanks for any help!!

Subject: RE: ants in the house
From: Donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 18-Jul-06 02:45 PM EST

Hi Doug, Doktor Doom works very well on ants...House and Garden Spray. I also use it outside in the garden on ant hills.

Subject: RE: ants in the house
Date: 19-Jul-06 10:34 AM EST

Kill the ants you see then put cocking in the hole in the baseboard ASAP

Subject: RE: ants in the house
From: Verena
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Jul-06 04:25 PM EST

You certainly won't want to put out ant bait with a dog like that. Perhaps periodically spraying some raid down the hole for a few days until you don't see anymore evidence of them, and then filling in the hole might work? We used to get ants in our last home, but it was largely due to the fact that I made a petunia bed the full lenght of both sides of the walk. I found out that this was a really bad idea. They live well in the dry conditions provided under the blocks, and I happened to supply them with a food source they seemed to really enjoy. One other thing you could try is pouring a diluted bleach water solution on the ground around your entry. It won't hurt the grass, but it should discourage the ants. (It also works well for bringing dew worms to the surface, so they can be picked off and killed.) Good Luck

Subject: RE: ants in the house
From: jeannine (
Zone: 3
Date: 20-Jul-06 10:25 AM EST

2 things we found works well. A 1/2 & 1/2 mixture of icing sugar & borax on hills will kill them. Also sprinkle cayenne pepper around the outside of the house (repeat after rains) will stop them coming inside. It is environmentally friendly. Do not let animals near the sugar mix as borax isn't good for them.

Subject: RE: ants in the house
From: Marg
Date: 21-Jul-06 06:52 PM EST

I know this won't help get rid of your ants but i thought it was worth mentioning. I just finished reading the latest issue of Harrowsmith magazine and a greenhouse owner said that she used cinnamon to keep ants out of the greenhouse. I had just found a large ant hill in my garden so I thought i would try the cinnamon and see if it worked. I went out and sprinkled a cinnamon on the ant hill and by the next morning, most of them were gone! Since then i added another dose to try to get rid of the rest. This may not get rid of your problem but if you sprinkle cinnamon around where the ants come in, it might stop them in the future. Marg

Subject: RE: ants in the house
From: Valerie
Zone: 2b
Date: 25-Jul-06 10:44 PM EST

I don't know if you would want to do this INSIDE your house, but when I find aunts around mt sodewalk or other places where I don't grow anything (not even grass) I sprinkle table salt, VERY heavily, then water it in really well...they cann't live in the brine. Others say boiling water. But again, I would think, not where you have things planted.

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