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GT08-Jul-06 05:33 PM EST 2b   
Tom Dawson08-Jul-06 09:58 PM EST 3a   
Janet Bradshaw10-Jul-06 12:24 AM EST 3a   
Art13-Jul-06 01:21 PM EST   

Subject: New Shrubs
From: GT
Zone: 2b
Date: 08-Jul-06 05:33 PM EST

Planted 4 small bailey cranberry shrubs in May. One shrub is very sickly looking-almost all leaves turned brown-very twiggy-only few leaves left. Some of the leaves have turned brown on another shrub but is much healthier. We have been watering -maybe too much? Should this shrub be replaced or will it come back?

Subject: RE: New Shrubs
From: Tom Dawson
Zone: 3a
Date: 08-Jul-06 09:58 PM EST

hi GT - how had you planted the shrub - e.g. size of hole compared to plant, how had you prepared the soil, did you add anything when you planted e.g. fertilizer, myke, or??, when you say you might have over watered - how frequent have you watered and how much, how did the shrubs look when you brought them home, does the store have a guarantee???

sorry for the questions but it might help in figuring out what might be wrong


Subject: RE: New Shrubs
From: Janet Bradshaw (
Zone: 3a
Date: 10-Jul-06 12:24 AM EST

This spring I planted 4 assorted spireas and one mock orange. They were very healthy plants at the time, but all have slowly turned a yellow color and now brown and have lost all most of their leaves. I have not fertilized them or overwatered them. This is a new bed with some of the soil coming from an old (10years) manure bed. Everything else that I planted their....annuals and perennials seem to be doing well. Any idea what the problem may be and moreso is there anything I can to do rescue these shrubs.

Subject: RE: New Shrubs
From: Art
Date: 13-Jul-06 01:21 PM EST

That’s like the age-old question, “Why do plants die?”

As regards the cranberry, was it potted I assume, and if so, was there any sign of roots around the edge of the soil ‘ball’ when it was removed from the container? Were the roots there white or otherwise? It is quite possible the plant did not have enough live roots to survive. It happens all the time.

As for the assorted shrubs (and as well for the cranberry) is/are the shrub(s) dead or alive, as indicated by whether or not the thin branches are green and moist, or brown and dry, underneath the thin bark? That is the key question.

This type of thing is very difficult without seeing the plant(s).

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