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re07-Jul-06 05:20 PM EST 3a   
Michelle. L.07-Jul-06 08:16 PM EST 5b   
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sandra10-Aug-06 04:51 AM EST 3b   

Subject: gladiolas in edmonton winters
From: re
Zone: 3a
Date: 07-Jul-06 05:20 PM EST

I just bought two large packages of gladiolas and planted this spring (not blooming yet).

I assumed that since they said perenial on the box - that they would be fine to leave in the ground - but then I keep running into people who tell me I have to dig them up.

If I lay a mulch over them, is there a chance they will survive? anyone have experience in this?

Subject: RE: gladiolas in edmonton
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 07-Jul-06 08:16 PM EST

Glads are perennials but they will not survive a winter in Edmonton.. you do have to dig them up, but they are so beautiful I plant them every year and figure it is the one plant that's worth the effort. There is another type of gladiloa that is supposed to be more winter hardy out now but still only good till zone 6a. One year I tested to see if with mulch they may survive and left a row of 12 bulbs in the ground and only 1 survived.. not good odds.

Subject: RE: gladiolas in edmonton
Date: 11-Jul-06 01:03 PM EST


I guess I have alot of work ahead of me!

Subject: RE: gladiolas in edmonton
From: sandra (
Zone: 3b
Date: 10-Aug-06 04:51 AM EST

I live in northern Ont.and I have left my glads in now for 3 years. You might want to try this, if you don't want all the work of digging them up every year. I plant them atleast 4-5 inches deep, and in the fall i pile leaves on them atleast a foot deep. the trick is to keep the leaves on top of them. you can use branches or even snow fence or chain link fence to do this. you might also use bags of leaves, just don't forget to remove the bags 1st thing in the spring. Maybe for the 1st time, you might try it on only a doz. to see what happens. I will never dig them again. this doesn't work for cannas, dahlias or the like. also try to keep snow on top of the leaves.

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