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Unknown Houseplant Pest

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Maxine29-Jun-06 01:48 AM EST
Marric29-Jun-06 11:50 AM EST   
Maxine29-Jun-06 07:55 PM EST   

Subject: Unknown Houseplant Pest
From: Maxine
Date: 29-Jun-06 01:48 AM EST

I have found about twenty small black hard dots (about a millimeter in diameter) on some of my jade plant leaves. And the black dots have also appeared on the wall and window adjacent to the plant. The dots are pretty easy to remove and don't appear to be moving. The jade plant looks very healthy and is growing. What is are these black dots? I know what scale looks like, but this doesn't look like it to me - maybe it's a type I'm not familiar with. Could it be some sort of spore or fungus? And, how did it get on my wall and window? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Unknown Houseplant Pest
From: Marric
Date: 29-Jun-06 11:50 AM EST

Perhaps this is what you have: beetles.html

Subject: RE: Unknown Houseplant Pest
From: Maxine
Date: 29-Jun-06 07:55 PM EST

Thanks for responding Marric. I went to your recommeded site, but it wasn't available. The good news is I continued my research tonight and found out the name of what I have -it's Artillery Fungus or Shotgun Fungus (that accounts for it appearing on my wall and window - it shoots upwards to 6 meters). The official name is Sphaerobolus. Now that I know what it is I can deal with it effectively.

Happy growing to all.


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