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Why do you love to garden?

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Nancy15-Jun-06 10:30 PM EST 7   
Erika15-Jun-06 11:04 PM EST 5a   
15-Jun-06 11:06 PM EST   
lisa15-Jun-06 11:15 PM EST 6b   
Nancy19-Jun-06 11:11 PM EST 7   
Shari03-Jul-06 10:00 AM EST 1b   
Helen05-Jul-06 06:37 PM EST 9a   
rosey16-Jul-06 11:30 PM EST 8a   
Nancy18-Jul-06 06:25 PM EST 5   

Subject: Why do you love to garden?
From: Nancy
Zone: 7
Date: 15-Jun-06 10:30 PM EST

I just thought this would be a good conversation starter.

I garden because I feel it's good for the heart & soul. Gardening is my therapy!! Nothing better than digging in the dirt & seeing the miracles that can come from a small seed or plant!!

And coming from a long line of gardeners, it's just in my blood I think LOL....

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
From: Erika
Zone: 5a
Date: 15-Jun-06 11:04 PM EST

because plants are so beautiful, it can be so calming to just sit and look at them, they help clean the air, and it is amazing to watch them grow! every time i go out on my balcony my vines have twisted in a different direction, or the flowers are in a different stage of blooming- and i'm out there at least five times a night and twice before i go to work!

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
Date: 15-Jun-06 11:06 PM EST

do you mean you have fertilizer in your blood? hmmmm

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
From: lisa
Zone: 6b
Date: 15-Jun-06 11:15 PM EST

hi all.

i suffer from chronic pain and fatigue which ebbs and flows making somedays pretty grim.

i discovered gardening 3 seasons ago when i bought my first house. i'm often surprised to find hours have passed as i tend to my 'babies', giving me such incredible peace and satisfaction. even tho it can be physically demanding, it takes my mind off the pain and as i stand back at the end of the day with a tired smile on my face i see (excuse the pun) the fruits (vegetables & flowers) of my labour and i feel so fulfilled & silly as it may sound, i am happy.

Gardening is the best medicine!

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
From: Nancy
Zone: 7
Date: 19-Jun-06 11:11 PM EST

Erica & Lisa, glad to hear that you've found the enjoyment & satisfaction of gardening!! It's such a good feeling, even when you feel like you're too tired. It takes away the pain,stress, etc & lets your mind feel peaceful & relaxed. I commute 2 hrs to work each day & work 10 hr days, but I still have to walk thru my flower beds before I leave for work or when I get home.

As for the fertilizer in my blood LOL, I'm sure I have enough composted manure,round up,clay dirt, miracle grow, etc that has been absorbed thru my skin over the years to do some damage, but I could care less LOL....

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
From: Shari (sharishabits@telus.net)
Zone: 1b
Date: 03-Jul-06 10:00 AM EST

This is a question I often ask myself! I used to hate having to help my parents in their garden as a kid, but as soon as I had a space of my own, my own garden was a must-have. It started with just a few pots on a small apartment balcony and now I have a house with a sizeable yard, a veggie garden, flower beds and numerous containers!

There is no one reason why I love to garden but here are the top three: - It satisfies my creative urges and I just love to grow things! There is nothing like eating one's own home-grown veggies, that one has nurtured so carefully.

- It makes me slow down and really observe nature.

- Creating that living beauty feeds my spirit.

It's so hard to put this into words ... growing is just something I have to do!

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
From: Helen
Zone: 9a
Date: 05-Jul-06 06:37 PM EST

I'd rather be outside than in! Pulling weeds is therapeutic ... sure beats cleaning and laundry. And I'm retired at last and can indulge myself. I'm smelling all of the flowers.

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
From: rosey
Zone: 8a
Date: 16-Jul-06 11:30 PM EST

I would say because a garden is very much an extension of one's home.........I carry on! In that most of my garden is planted with the old roses of the past, the fragrances,blossoms, etc.....no two are alike!...like raising children..........As I grow older, the delights and the results of gardening on my own terms gets better and better. The plants, more established, as long as I can stay on top of it. But the consenus here, of course is the therapeutic feeling in all of us............Elaine

Subject: RE: Why do you love to garden?
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 18-Jul-06 06:25 PM EST

I'm with Helen on this! I'd much rather be outside puttering around deadheading, weeding, watering, planning and dreaming. After working a full day, even a few minutes to walk through and see what's new and blooming helps me decompress and shake off the day's worries. And it's certainly taught me patience, as instant gratification is almost non-existant if you want to do it all yourself.

Now if I could only curb the constant monkey brain......where did I leave that trowel?????

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