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Going crazy!!!!

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Candace15-Jun-06 08:46 PM EST 5   
Nancy15-Jun-06 10:12 PM EST 7   

Subject: Going crazy!!!!
From: Candace
Zone: 5
Date: 15-Jun-06 08:46 PM EST

I have a small maple tree in our yard that is seeding like crazy!! The area under the tree is mulched and the seeds are growing by the 100's in the mulch...I am constantly, constantly weeding. I purchased the house with this tree and the area already mulched. I have planted a bit of a garden in and around the area but nothing directly under the tree except ajuga ground cover. I am very tempted to cut the tree down but it would be a shame to loose the shade. IF I do this I would also need tree replacement ideas. HELP!!!

Subject: RE: Going crazy!!!!
From: Nancy
Zone: 7
Date: 15-Jun-06 10:12 PM EST

I have a tree like that in my front yard. What I had to do was pull the mulch out & build a raised bed around it.Mine's almost 2 ft tall. For the past 3 years, I've filled it with begonias, then mulched the begonias. There's still a few seedlings that come up, but not as many as before & the begonias bloom just about until the first frost. I'm in northern Mississippi.So, in the summers, I do alot of watering,so I try & catch the small seedlings when I water. Good Luck!!!!

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