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Dying Rose - Blanc Double de Coubert

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Nancy14-Jun-06 03:57 PM EST
amber18-Jun-06 08:50 AM EST   
18-Jun-06 12:57 PM EST   
Veronica18-Jun-06 04:35 PM EST 1   
19-Jun-06 01:17 PM EST   

Subject: Dying Rose - Blanc Double de Coubert
From: Nancy
Date: 14-Jun-06 03:57 PM EST

I have a 7 or 8 year old Blanc Double de Coubert rose that was doing beautifully until last year. The leaves got very yellow and pale with a slight brown edge to them and there were very few blooms. Nothing I tried seemed to help. This year the rose budded but the leaves had just barely sprouted when they turned brown and died. I had pruned it normally early in the spring before it broke dormancy but I pruned it again after the first buds died, thinking that perhaps frost had just gotten to it. But it's been warm and sunny now for weeks (I live in Winnipeg) and my other roses are all doing very well and beginning to bloom. The canes look very dry and dead and I think it might be too late to save the rose but wondered if anyone had any suggestions before I gave up.

Subject: RE: Dying Rose - Blanc Double de Coubert
From: amber (
Date: 18-Jun-06 08:50 AM EST

have you tried fertilizing?

Subject: RE: Dying Rose - Blanc Double de Coubert
Date: 18-Jun-06 12:57 PM EST

Yes. I generally use balanced fertilizers in my yard since I have such a wide variety of plants. I use granular 7-7-7 and then liquid 20-20-20 for plants that seem to need a bigger boost. I make my own compost and topdress everything once a year. And things grow like crazy! Last year I even purchased some special rose fertilizer (can't remember the name) but it didn't seem to help (although my healthy roses LOVED it!). I was hoping that by pruning back the dead stuff on the BDdC that new shoots would sprout from the roots. But so far nothing. If I should just give up I'd like to know now so I can sterilize the soil in the area before planting another rose there next year. But any suggestions are welcome.

Subject: RE: Dying Rose - Blanc Double de Coubert
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 18-Jun-06 04:35 PM EST

I have a BDdC rose about the same age as yours. So far,it is healthy and has grown shoots quite a distance from the original rose bush. The only symptoms I found resembling your rose's were caused by mineral deficiencies in the soil.Could it be lacking something?Would you consider digging around its roots to see if you can spot anything unusual?I have an Altaica which I thought had winter-killed,but it sent up shoots quite a distance from its parent.I have found that all of my shrub roses seem to travel! I have also found that quite a small piece of shrub rose root will eventually grow into a bush.Perhaps you can salvage your rose from part of the root system?

Subject: RE: Dying Rose - Blanc Double de Coubert
Date: 19-Jun-06 01:17 PM EST

I actually did dig around the base to see if I could spot anything unusual. The roots seem to be alive and healthy but haven't put out any shoots at all. I too have other roses that have done this - one that sent a shoot out over 3 feet away and came up in the middle of my lawn! But my BDdC has never done this and there is no sign of any new shoots now. I considered mineral deficiency as a cause of the problem but I don't know which mineral is missing. My yard does tend to be more acidic because I have huge evergreens. My BDdC is in a very warm sunny area where other roses grow well. It's had the same feedings and water as the others. I would assume if one was mineral deficient then so would the others but they are all still fine. I'm rather at my wits end here and I really loved this rose so I am loathe to just give up and dig it up once and for all. Any help is appreciated!

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