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Amanda13-Jun-06 05:35 AM EST 5b   
cathaleen13-Jun-06 10:55 PM EST 3   
Mark S-A14-Jun-06 06:26 PM EST 3   

Subject: Echinacia Troubles
From: Amanda
Zone: 5b
Date: 13-Jun-06 05:35 AM EST

I started echinacia last year, and it came back this year and it massive in size. It hasn't started to floweryet or anything but, it is getting some small holes in the leaves and I was wondering if someone could tell me what may be doing this and what I can do to stop this from going any further.


Subject: RE: Echinacia Troubles
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 13-Jun-06 10:55 PM EST

I am thinking it may still be a little early for it to be flowering - but having a big mound would indicate it is healthy - give it some time. I would look for slugs or other pests that are eating the leaves.... I am about to go out and squish a bunch of bugs munching their way thru my Columbines.....

Subject: RE: Echinacia Troubles
From: Mark S-A
Zone: 3
Date: 14-Jun-06 06:26 PM EST

I don't know if flea beetles like echinacea, but you might look for the little guys sitting on the leaves during the day, they'll hop away if you disturb them. Their damage is mostly cosmetic. Cleaning up in fall and disturbing mulch during frost will help kill them off (kills slugs too!)

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