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Barb08-Jun-06 04:46 PM EST 2b   
faye08-Jun-06 10:17 PM EST 2b   
Erika10-Jun-06 10:36 AM EST 5a   
Anne12-Jun-06 10:04 PM EST 6a   
hmmm13-Jun-06 07:09 PM EST   

Subject: mandavilla
From: Barb (BARBA@MTS.NET)
Zone: 2b
Date: 08-Jun-06 04:46 PM EST

I have just repotted a mandavilla plant in a container. The leaves have brown spots on them and are a bit yelow. the lady where I bought it said to fertilize it. Would that do anything to the leaves?

Subject: RE: mandavilla
From: faye
Zone: 2b
Date: 08-Jun-06 10:17 PM EST

We grow six of these plants,,and I fertilize them every two weeks,without harming the leaves.

Subject: RE: mandavilla
From: Erika
Zone: 5a
Date: 10-Jun-06 10:36 AM EST

is there somewhere that i can get info on how to care for a mandavilla i just recieved as a gift? i'm new at gardening, and i'm reluctant to just go and buy a book, the last one i bought helped misinform me and my plant died. i'm a little confused on how to use this site, can't seem to find a faqs page...

Subject: RE: mandavilla
From: Anne
Zone: 6a
Date: 12-Jun-06 10:04 PM EST

Erika ... I'm with you ... I can't find out how to post my own question. It's not to do with mandavillas, but propagating wave petunias from my seed from my own plants. If you have found out how to post, could you please write me and let me know. Thanks a million.

From: hmmm
Date: 13-Jun-06 07:09 PM EST


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