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Hard Rain and Tomato Plants

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Amanda07-Jun-06 12:18 PM EST 5b   
Nancy07-Jun-06 04:22 PM EST 5   

Subject: Hard Rain and Tomato Plants
From: Amanda
Zone: 5b
Date: 07-Jun-06 12:18 PM EST

I have grown Tomato's in my garden for years and I put the Rng baskets around them. Last year we had a heavy rain and it toppled my plants to the ground and when they are as big as they were there was no pushing them back up. I still was able to get the odd tomato from them but I really need to find away to stop this from happening. They are planted in my garden right up against the back of my house. If anyone could help or has had the same problem I will take all the advice and help I can get.


Subject: RE: Hard Rain and Tomato Plants
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 07-Jun-06 04:22 PM EST

We stake our tomatos, using either the metal spiral stakes for the small ones, or 8' wooden stakes for the remainder and tie them up with old pieces of pantihose. Getting them up off the ground also helps keep the blight spores off the upper leaves.

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