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debbie Shipley06-Jun-06 01:01 AM EST 4a   
dinene13-Jun-06 10:15 PM EST 2   
Nancy15-Jun-06 10:25 PM EST 7   
Shari03-Jul-06 10:05 AM EST 1b   

Subject: how to get rid of the weeds???
From: debbie Shipley (
Zone: 4a
Date: 06-Jun-06 01:01 AM EST

Hi, first time here but in need of help ASAP. We dug up and redesigned a neglected garden area last year and had some success with veggies. This year we are ready to go and are turning over soil and topping it up but keep snagging on bunches of small roots from plants long ago gone, or weeds from the neighbor's yard. My husband thought of putting a barrier down, like a tarp or something and putting a couple inches of soil on top to stop the invasion of the weeds (like long strands of tough embroidery floss really) but i am not sure this is the right thing to do. He is just getting tired of each year dealing with these as he tries to ready the garden. We are really just growing for the fun, for the kids, ad because i have MS and take great joy in creating this backyard oasis and seeing what nature can do. Any tips would be appreciated. debbie and Rodney

Subject: RE: how to get rid of the weeds???
From: dinene
Zone: 2
Date: 13-Jun-06 10:15 PM EST

Hi D &R, Newspaper makes a great barrier....and it's cheap. This year.....I have had some success with 2 inches of peat moss laid on top of my garden. Good luck and never give up!!! Don't let those evil weeds win!

Subject: RE: how to get rid of the weeds???
From: Nancy
Zone: 7
Date: 15-Jun-06 10:25 PM EST

Another good idea would be to build raised beds. You can do this cheaply by using the landscape timbers. Much easier than digging old roots & weeds out each year. Then add your dirt, with some admendments like composted manure & mulch. Especially with you having Ms, it'd would be alot easier for you!!! Good luck!! Gardening is so good for you, in more ways than one.

Subject: RE: how to get rid of the weeds???
From: Shari (
Zone: 1b
Date: 03-Jul-06 10:05 AM EST

I definitely recommend the raised beds! We built them for our veggie garden last year and I'd never go back. Less weeding, less watering, less bending, and you control the soil mix. I'm planning to continue installing raised beds for flowers as well, but that is a process that will take years!

I also recommend you take a look at Mel Bartholomew's "Square Foot Gardening" book. This system also really keeps the weeds & watering to a minimum (and he now advocates raised beds too!)

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