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Royal Maple Tree Care

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Paula03-Jun-06 01:28 PM EST
Paula03-Jun-06 01:31 PM EST   
Michelle. L.04-Jun-06 01:21 AM EST 5b   
Paula05-Jun-06 05:24 PM EST   
05-Jun-06 05:27 PM EST   

Subject: Royal Maple Tree Care
From: Paula
Date: 03-Jun-06 01:28 PM EST

Hi, In June 2005, I purchased a Royal Maple tree from our local Rona garden centre. I planted it using a 3 in 1 soil and tree starter fertilizer as recommended by the associate. Though it was small, it had lots of leaves and looked quite healthy and lasted throughout last summer, before shedding its leaves. This year, it appeared at the beginning that it was going to bloom very nicely. However, our weather hasn't cooperated very well at the beginning of spring. The tree does have buds on the end of the branches and in a scattered few places, it has very small leave bushes. I questioned the associate at the store about this and if it was alive or not--she suggested to scratch the bark of the tree and if it is green--it is still alive. I did this in several places on the tree and the bark is green when scratched.

My question is should I be concerned with this as it is a new baby tree? As well, what care should I be giving this tree this year--fertilizer, pruning etc. Any info would be greatly apppreciated. Also, in the fall when it loses its leaves, should I do anything to it to protect it from the winter elements.

P.S. This is the first tree I have planted so I know nothing about caring for it.

Subject: RE: Royal Maple Tree Care
From: Paula
Date: 03-Jun-06 01:31 PM EST

I am sorry, it may also help to know my location--I am in Mississauga, ON.

Subject: RE: Royal Maple Tree Care
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 04-Jun-06 01:21 AM EST

Hi Paula, just wait and i am sure your tree will be fine.. if you type in royal red maple on your computer , check out the diary of Julie's royal red maple and you will feel better.. there are dated pictures and everything. it says it is hardy from zones 4-7, and she purchased it as a bare root stick that was hard to believe it was even alive. It is an extremely slow growing tree, and the leaves she said were emerging a good month behind other trees, she thought it had died but it was fine. Check out that site and see the pic's of her tree from bare stick to beautiful. Prune in late fall- early winter although apparently you can prune the lowest branches off in the spring if you want the clearance with no ill effects. So I guess just hang in there, if it is green under the bark it is still alive and probably like hers just very slow. Hope this helps, good luck, they are very beautiful especially with the sun shining under the leaves.

Subject: RE: Royal Maple Tree Care
From: Paula
Date: 05-Jun-06 05:24 PM EST

Hi Michelle, Thanks for the info. However, I have tried to do a google search for "royal red maple" and didn't find anything on the diary of Julie's royal red maple. I also tried searching for it on this site as well, nothing. Would it be possible to send me the link via email? My email is

Much appreciate it...and I will hang in there for it to start growing.

Subject: RE: Royal Maple Tree Care
Date: 05-Jun-06 05:27 PM EST

Hi Michelle, I was searching google for pages in Canada....refined my search and found the one you referenced.

Thanks again,

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