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29-May-06 02:02 PM EST 5a   

Subject: Pesticides
Zone: 5a
Date: 29-May-06 02:02 PM EST

I am writing in reply to the "Pesticides" article by K Jean Cottam. There are several several aspects of this article I find questionable.

Firstly, the writer brands everyone who does not agree with her point of view as "not independent." This is an unfortunate tendency in the "green" community, to argue with emotion rather than facts. Indeed, facts rather than innuendo are somewhat scarce in the whole article. While I am not a horticulturalist, I understand there have been many studies of 2,4-D which have found it to be safe to use. If there need to be more studies, they should be done, but all the evidence should be considered, for and against.

Finally, I too have a PhD and live in Nepean, where our parks are rapidly becoming weed patches. And I can assure the writer I an totally independent.

Chris Watson.

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