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ailing alliums

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Chris20-May-06 08:51 PM EST 7   
Michelle. L.21-May-06 01:32 AM EST 5b   
William Bedell21-May-06 04:08 PM EST 6a   
Patricia21-May-06 07:39 PM EST 5   

Subject: ailing alliums
From: Chris
Zone: 7
Date: 20-May-06 08:51 PM EST

I have had numerous large flowering onions for the past ten years or so, gone to seed and creating lots of new plants, all quite glorious. This year, however, tips of leaves are dying and the plants just do not look healthy. Is there a pest that targets onions, or is it likely a fertilizer deficiency? Other plants in the same garden seem to be doing okay.

Subject: RE: ailing alliums
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 21-May-06 01:32 AM EST

I hope you get a good answer Chris, Same problem here this year.. in one area they are fine but another I have the same thing.. don't see any pests and onions even the ornamental ones are usually pest free and in fact actually deter them but I have no good answer for this.. both my areas with the onion have been there for a few years.. so it's not the location they are in.. I have no idea what's going on...hmmm..??????Anyone out there that can help?? It would be much appreciated, Thank you, they sure are beautiful plants though to have, what a disappointment to have this happen now.

Subject: RE: ailing alliums
From: William Bedell
Zone: 6a
Date: 21-May-06 04:08 PM EST

We are so disappointed with our giant alliums...waited so long to see them and the stems have turned to mush so that the heads are on the ground. They were beautiful last year. I have no idea what happened..hopefully somebody can tell us.

Subject: RE: ailing alliums
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 21-May-06 07:39 PM EST

Taking a guess: too much moisture? Ours are now blooming (just outside Ottawa) but the foliage looks yellow at the ends - we have had rain, rain and more of the same.

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