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Peonie Bushes

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Tania16-May-06 10:28 AM EST 5b   
Patricia 18-May-06 08:20 PM EST 5   
Tania25-May-06 06:36 AM EST 5b   

Subject: Peonie Bushes
From: Tania
Zone: 5b
Date: 16-May-06 10:28 AM EST


I just picked up 4 Peony bushes to plant this year. Anyone have any advice as to what to look for with respect to disease? Some of the leaves look spotted (not too many)

Many Thanks


Subject: RE: Peonie Bushes
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 18-May-06 08:20 PM EST

Plant them in the sun - they will not bloom in shade. Also plant them NOT TOO DEEP. If planted too deep, they will not bloom Peonies prefer granular fertilizers - don't feed them manure, it's too strong. Otherwise, they are a pretty fool-proof plant (not to say that you are a fool, of course :) )

Subject: RE: Peony Bushes
From: Tania
Zone: 5b
Date: 25-May-06 06:36 AM EST

Thanks for the reply!

I followed your advice and I guess I can only hope for the best :)

Should the bud union be just above the soil or below?


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