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Zone 3 tree suggestion

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Merrie B30-Apr-06 01:20 PM EST 3a   
dm30-Apr-06 06:45 PM EST 3   
Michelle. L.01-May-06 12:04 PM EST 5b   
Veronica14-May-06 03:31 PM EST 1   
Patricia18-May-06 08:27 PM EST 5   
Janine19-May-06 08:41 AM EST 2b   

Subject: Zone 3a berry-producing tree suggestion
From: Merrie B
Zone: 3a
Date: 30-Apr-06 01:20 PM EST

My mountain ash trees are suffering and dying from blight, as are all the same trees in the neighbourhood. I would like to know of any similar trees that would continue to attract Waxwings in the winter for eventual replacement. Thanks.

Subject: RE: Zone 3 tree suggestion
From: dm
Zone: 3
Date: 30-Apr-06 06:45 PM EST

I am sorry that your neighborhood is losing its mountain ashes. There's nothing in winter to match the sight and sound of dozens, if not hundreds, of waxwings landing, en masse, on mtn. ashes and devouring the berries.

I have an old ornamental crab in my backyard (variety unknown). I've seen some waxwings pecking away at the fruit, but the tree doesn't get the numbers of birds that the mtn. ash does. The birds will eat the crab apples if there's nothing better nearby.

I'll be interested in the answers to your question. I hope someone can give you a better one.

Subject: RE: Zone 3 tree suggestion
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 01-May-06 12:04 PM EST

Hi Merrie, Cedar waxwings like the fruit bearing ornamental trees/shrubs, and our crops!!!!! Some species they like are crabapple, hawthorn, firethorn, pepper tree, Russian Olive in the West and a non-native honeysuckle called Lonicera Morrowii in the East. One intresting fact that you and others might not know is that if they are eating berries from this, the pigments in the berries turn their tail feather orange instead of yellow. So if you see one with an orange tail it was eating these berries while growing their tailfeather. This was not known till 1950. Just thought it was intresting...

Subject: RE: Zone 3 tree suggestion
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 14-May-06 03:31 PM EST

Waxwings also eat the fruit from Shubert chokecherry trees and saskatoon bushes.They prefer the biggest and juiciest varieties of saskatoon.

Subject: RE: Zone 3 tree suggestion
From: Patricia (iris1@rogers.com)
Zone: 5
Date: 18-May-06 08:27 PM EST

What about high-bush cranberries - do they like those? We see them eating the Russian olives and native dogwoods.

Subject: RE: Zone 3 tree suggestion
From: Janine (jjschuel@telusplanet.net)
Zone: 2b
Date: 19-May-06 08:41 AM EST

On our yard the waxwings will sometimes eat the high-bush cranberries, but only if there are no mountain ash berries left. There are usually a few clusters of high-bush cranberries left on the branches by spring, so I'm guessing these are not a favoured food.

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