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what's eating my hollyhock shoots?

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Sarah Paliwoda24-Apr-06 05:45 PM EST 6b   
cathaleen25-Apr-06 08:35 PM EST 3   
Rocks26-Apr-06 07:35 AM EST 6b   
Sarah27-Apr-06 11:22 AM EST 6b   

Subject: what's eating my hollyhock shoots?
From: Sarah Paliwoda (
Zone: 6b
Date: 24-Apr-06 05:45 PM EST

I'm a new gardener and all I keep reading is that hollyhocks are "sooooo easy to grow". Not in my garden! Something appears to be nipping the 2 baby leaves right of the top of the new shoot, so all that's left is the little white stem and a top that looks brown and shrivelled, almost like it was burned. Anyone know this culprit and or what I should do?

Subject: RE: what's eating my hollyhock shoots?
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 25-Apr-06 08:35 PM EST

If you suspect a varmit - poke around in the topsoil and see if there are any cutworms that may be nipping - but they usually devour all they'll know a cutworm if you find.....any chance of slugs either??? They'll hide in the daytime too, but will be nearby

Subject: RE: what's eating my hollyhock shoots?
From: Rocks
Zone: 6b
Date: 26-Apr-06 07:35 AM EST

When I used to grow hollyhocks, at this time of year the rabbits absolutely loved the new hollyhock shoots. They'd eat off the new growth and I'd be left with little stubs with dried ends. That was my varmint. I would erect a temporary barrier to keep the bunnies away fromt the plant and the hollyhock would always resprout new growth. Later in the season, I used to struggle against rust and hollyhock weevils. I found a good informational site about pests and diseases of hollyhocks. May be of some help to you. Hope you find out what it is that is attacking your hollyhocks.

Subject: RE: what's eating my hollyhock shoots?
From: Sarah (
Zone: 6b
Date: 27-Apr-06 11:22 AM EST

A big thanks to both of you!! A neighbour walking his dog this morning caught me with my nose to the soil, desperately searching for signs of seedling life and told me out of zillions of seeds, he's only ever gotten ONE plant that comes back year after year. So I don't feel so inept anymore!! I dusted for insects and am going to also try to grow a few in a pot to transplant later...maybe the secure location will be better than my slime trailed garden bed. (I discovered slugs definately the varmint here!) Again, thanks!!

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