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New to Gardening - Need Advice

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Jackie21-Apr-06 06:40 PM EST 5a   
Marianne21-Apr-06 10:21 PM EST 3   
Michelle. L.22-Apr-06 11:49 AM EST 5b   
GardenGnome22-Apr-06 02:45 PM EST 6a   

Subject: New to Gardening - Need Advice
From: Jackie
Zone: 5a
Date: 21-Apr-06 06:40 PM EST

Where does a first timer start? I have a huge pine tree in my back yard which appears to be killing all the grass.....will anything survive with so much acid in the soil?

Subject: RE: New to Gardening - Need Advice
From: Marianne
Zone: 3
Date: 21-Apr-06 10:21 PM EST

I'm new to this site, Jackie, & although I have no advise to share with you, I'm sure some of the other members will be able to help. Good luck!

Subject: RE: New to Gardening - Need Advice
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 22-Apr-06 11:49 AM EST

Hi Jackie, nothing survives under pine trees as far as I know, they have the most massive root system, even acid-loving plants would have a struggle to survive. Maybe someone has some ideas.. sorry

Subject: RE: New to Gardening - Need Advice
From: GardenGnome
Zone: 6a
Date: 22-Apr-06 02:45 PM EST

I have two large white pines, one that has partial sun underneath and another bigger one that still has all its lower branches and throws heavy shade underneath.

Under the one in partial sun, dandelions do quite well - nothing else. I'm thinking hostas might do well, but I haven't tried them.

Under the one which makes heavy shade, garlic mustard (very nasty invasive weed - don't get me started) does very well, along with wild strawberries along the edges in partial sun. Maybe you could try cultivated strawberries.

Good luck!


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