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Help19-Apr-06 05:57 PM EST 5a   
cathaleen22-Apr-06 10:33 PM EST 3   

Subject: Fencing
From: Help
Zone: 5a
Date: 19-Apr-06 05:57 PM EST

I have a problem, I have a chain link fence about 50 feet long and 4 feet tall. We got new neighbours with three dogs. The dogs are always at the fence baking in at us. Can anyone suggest what we could do to cover the chain link fence for privacy that is not costly, we don't want to let the dogs look in, as we have 2 dogs ourselves. We don't like those strips you put in the fence either, not enough to hid there little noses and big mouths.

Subject: RE: Fencing
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 22-Apr-06 10:33 PM EST

I would suggest you look to getting some climbing vines going on your fence. Chain links have never been a favourite of mine,so if you aren't able to replace the fence for privacy - would suggest you look at some long term solutions with what grows in your area - with perennial vines - hops, virginia creeper, climbing roses you could train - which would keep doggies at bay....possibly clematis - and annual morning glory always does a grand job of growing fast. Of course how much shade/sun this area gets will influence your choices - go to a local nursery and explain your problem and see what they have to say.

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