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Black thumb07-Apr-06 10:19 PM EST
GardenGnome08-Apr-06 11:15 AM EST 6a   
Black thumb08-Apr-06 10:45 PM EST   

Subject: Lawn Care
From: Black thumb
Date: 07-Apr-06 10:19 PM EST

We have recently moved into a new home and have some work to do in order to bring the lawn back to life. There are many bare patches where there appears to be absolutely no grass-just muck at this point. The neighbours also tell us there are grubs in the area. Wondering if we need to seed first, then fertilize or what. Don't know what zone we're in (map feature isn't working right now) but we're just outside Toronto. We've raked up any dead grass and picked up pet waste-we've also banned the dog from the area. Any tips would be great! Thanks

Subject: RE: Lawn Care
From: GardenGnome
Zone: 6a
Date: 08-Apr-06 11:15 AM EST

Hi Blackie.

This is a good time to do what you've been talking about - moist ground after yesterday's rain and no rain in the immediate forecast. You'd probably want to start off with a slow-release, high nitrogen fertilizer, then after a week or so, overseed your entire lawn, paying more attention to the bare spots. On the bare spots, lightly rake the seeds in and topdress with compost if you have any (not too critical). The idea is to hide the seeds from the birds, and to cover them to keep them moist so they can germinate. If dry weather continues, you'll need to give the bare patches a light watering daily until the grass toughens up. I wouldn't worry too much about the established lawn.

You can get grass seed and compost at any garden centre. The garden centre staff can also give you lots of good advice.

I'm just heading outside now to "play" with my lawn i.e. scoop the last week's worth of (insert euphemism), rake, overseed, relax with a beer - that's important (you don't want to overdo it this early in the season). By the way, wherever your dog is allowed to do its business, you'll always have dead patches, especially with a female dog.

Cheers, GardenGnome

Subject: RE: Lawn Care
From: Black thumb
Date: 08-Apr-06 10:45 PM EST

Thanks to much for your advice-we'll get started tomorrow. My favourite part was the beer part. Happy gardening. B.T. p.s. the mutt is male, but he pees like a girl-evidently it's the manner of peeing that causes the spots:)

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