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Hypertufa planter stuffers?

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Jack04-Apr-06 08:26 PM EST 8a   
Valerie16-Apr-06 07:58 AM EST 3   
Michelle. L.16-Apr-06 12:28 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Hypertufa planter stuffers?
From: Jack
Zone: 8a
Date: 04-Apr-06 08:26 PM EST

Hello. We made up 3 good sized hypertufa planters (32"x32"x20") and placed each of them on some bricks to help screen three 3'x5' low windows (in front of a rental suite). In the center planter we plan to plant a small red camelia which is currently in a pot and is about the right size at about 6' tall. The other 2 planters flanking the camelia we were thinking of putting some needle evergreens like a spruce or something like that. We are looking for suggestions as to the ideal small tree to use in the planter that is slow growing to about 6 feet and no more than 3 feet across at the bottom. Seems to me I heard Brian Minter suggesting a good prospect on the CBC last week but neglected to take proper note of the type he suggested. Thanks for your help. Jack

Subject: RE: Hypertufa planter stuffers?
From: Valerie
Zone: 3
Date: 16-Apr-06 07:58 AM EST

I won't call something that you want to grown to 6 ft a stuffer.

I would say it depends if you want a shrub or a tree.

But 1st off.. is this planter in contact with the soil or suspended. If suspended you will have more concerns re drainage. I assume that since you have a camelia you are somewhere in Lotus land likely on the Island.

There are all kinds of lovely roses and hardy roses that you could use, or may small shrubs with various leaf or flower colour. Re trees again many small, but for sure grafted weeping type trees are nice and will never grow very large.

A visit to a good garden centre or two should work as a exploration and question/recommendation sesstion before any decisions need to be made.


Subject: RE: Hypertufa planter stuffers?
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 16-Apr-06 12:28 PM EST

Hi Jack.. a tree that fits the description of size you are looking for is a Rose of Sharon.. not a rose actually and they are beautiful.. later summer/fall blooming which is nice too..

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