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Sierra 01-Apr-06 09:30 PM EST 3a   
Michelle. L.02-Apr-06 01:01 AM EST 5b   
Teresa02-Apr-06 03:18 AM EST 7   
Michelle. L.02-Apr-06 12:27 PM EST 5b   
Tammy03-Apr-06 12:17 PM EST 3a   

Subject: Lily Gardening
From: Sierra
Zone: 3a
Date: 01-Apr-06 09:30 PM EST

Hello, I have decided to put in a lily border around my sunny deck.Is it okay to have a variety so they can bloom all summer? or should they all be Asiatics or Orientals, etc.? Will some types "choke" others out? I am a new outdoor gardener and although I am excited, I am also a little overwhelmed, so I aprreciate any pointers I get. Thanks

Subject: RE: Lily Gardening
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 02-Apr-06 01:01 AM EST

Hi Sierra, that sounds like it would be lovely... I LOVE lilies. It is more than just o.k. to plant different varieites of lilies together.. that way like you said the bed will have continous blooms. One tip... once you plant your Orientals.. don't move them as they don't like that and I have found [ and read] that sometimes they will not come back.. i don't know why... asiatics don't seem to mind being moved though. I don't believe you have to worry about any of them choking others out.. Asiatics need room though as they get nice size clumps after a couple of years, which is what you want. Also i always put a little sand in when planting to ensure good drainage, you don't want them to rot!!!! Hope this is of some help to you, your lily bed will be beautiful!!!!

Subject: RE: Lily Gardening
From: Teresa
Zone: 7
Date: 02-Apr-06 03:18 AM EST

Is it too late to plant the day lily bulbs right now? Please advise. Thank you

Subject: RE: Lily Gardening
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5b
Date: 02-Apr-06 12:27 PM EST

Hi Teresa, you can plant your daylily bulbs now.. they say to plant them in the spring is best.

Subject: RE: Lily Gardening
From: Tammy
Zone: 3a
Date: 03-Apr-06 12:17 PM EST

Hi all, I want to start some things in the house...I have Asiatic lilies as well as orientals and begonias. Should I start in pots or just sow outside? I have some ranunculus and freesias also. Not sure what to do with those...

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