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Subject: Hardy palms and bananas... HELP!
From: AJ (
Zone: 4a
Date: 26-Mar-06 12:59 AM EST

I'm an avid collector of palms and bananas for growing outside from April-October... however, living in southern Alberta, these items are hard to come by, only by seed which takes a great deal of time, or the odd beaten up specimen from Monrovia at a garden center. Does anyone know of any suppliers in BC that sell direct to the public? Trachycarpus, Washingtonia, Phoenix, Chamaerops (all palms) and any Musa or Ensete (banana) species??? Even mail order websites would be great as well!!!

Subject: RE: Hardy palms and bananas... HELP!
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 26-Mar-06 10:53 AM EST

Try Googling "Tropic to Tropic Plants" with the search engine set on "Canada". This is a small nursery in BC that specializes in tropicals. They have many kinds of bananas and bamboos. We bought both from them and have them planted on a very warm south side with a exit pipe from the house to the septic tank set under the ground. Heat above and below! In the fall, we cut the banana down and cover the area with a couple of feet of nice clean straw - then we cover that with a tarp so it won't get wet. This has worked for 4 or 5 years now.

Subject: RE: Hardy palms and bananas... HELP!
From: Rita (
Zone: 5b
Date: 26-Mar-06 04:39 PM EST

An excellent garden centre near me has many "hardy tropicals". I know that we are no where near one another but I thought you could try their web I'm sure that they could put you in touch with a grower out your way.Botanix also has a good web site,and I think they have locations on the west coast.Cheers...

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