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Longest blooming hardy orange or blue peren

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Micheline Belanger10-Mar-06 10:51 PM EST 3   
Michelle. L.11-Mar-06 07:57 PM EST 5a   
12-Mar-06 07:25 PM EST   
Patricia 15-Mar-06 08:07 PM EST 5   

Subject: Longest blooming hardy orange or blue peren
From: Micheline Belanger (
Zone: 3
Date: 10-Mar-06 10:51 PM EST

I'm looking for a hardy orange and long blooming perennial for a mass border planting(1,000 plants). Of course I want a long lived perennial for my investment. I was thinking of the Gaillardia Arizona Sun, however someone mentioned it was shortlived. What about Gaillardia Fanfare? I would appreciate other suggestions. I'm also looking for a true blue hardy perennial, long blooming for a border(450 plants)Not purple, lavender or mauve - TRUE BLUE Does anyone know of mail order suppliers of flower macro plug trays other than Dominion Seeds? Hope to hear from you soon!

Subject: RE: Longest blooming hardy orange or blue peren
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 11-Mar-06 07:57 PM EST

Hi Micheline.. I am not sure about true blue plants that would be suitable for your zone except there are some true blue delphiniums..some in the Magic Fountain series and a beautiful sky- blue one is called appropriatly " Summer Skies" , for orange i find the goldstrum rudbeckia reliable and hardy for you.. it is more orangy than far as gallardia goes.. some people don't know this but I heard it and use this method and my plants are 6 years old and counting!!: all you do is in early Sept. cut them back to develop new over-wintering leaves and they are very dependable.. if you let them grow without doing this they bloom for so long they actually bloom themselves to death. Hope this helps..

Subject: RE: Longest blooming hardy orange or blue peren
Date: 12-Mar-06 07:25 PM EST

For a true blue, you may want to consider wild blue flax. In full sun it will bloom pretty much continually (even though the blossoms only last for one day). It's quite hardy once it is established, and self seeds fairly well. Mature plants will make a nice display the first year.

For orange plants have you considered calendula? They are a true orange (also availabe in yellow and lemon), grow 9-20" and bloom all season. They aren't actually a perennial (at least not in this area), but they self seed very freely and make a nice display when planted in mass. Super easy to grow. No maintenance...the only thing you have to watch for is that they can self seed into places you don't want them, and choke out smaller or less hardy plants.

Subject: RE: Longest blooming hardy orange or blue peren
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 15-Mar-06 08:07 PM EST

For a true blue that blooms later in the summer (August and onwards) consider Lobelia syphilitica - yes, people called it that because at one time, it was considered a cure for syphilis. This plant is very similar to Lobelia cardinalis, only instead of a red flower, the flower is a real, true blue. Occasionally, a sport springs up and the flowers are white. A true perennial and lives for many, many years. Seeds itself moderately - which is to say that you will find the odd new plant here and there in your garden. Another plus: it will tolerate light shade.

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