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leafhoppers on Virginia Creeper vine

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Sue26-Feb-06 05:12 PM EST 3b   
Michelle. L.27-Feb-06 11:55 AM EST 5a   
Donna27-Feb-06 02:12 PM EST 3a   
Sue28-Feb-06 11:58 PM EST 3b   

Subject: leafhoppers on Virginia Creeper vine
From: Sue
Zone: 3b
Date: 26-Feb-06 05:12 PM EST

Hello - My large Virginia Creeper vine (I have the plain & the varigated varieties) starts off great in spring & early summer, but by July it is LOADED with leafhoppers, so loaded that you can't walk close to it without getting covered. By August, the leaves are withered and dropping. I have tried hard spraying with plain water, and spraying with a mild solution of dish soap. Help - I'm willing to try something more drastic if it will eradicate the pest.

Subject: RE: leafhoppers on Virginia Creeper vine
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 27-Feb-06 11:55 AM EST

Hi Sue, I tried to find out for you and sad to say, the only solution I gather that will work is an application of a product called Provado...there is 2 more products out there one is called Vydate and the other is Lannate. I don't know if these are available in Canada but check it out.These are apparently the only things they say will work for leafhoppers, they especially go after the Virginia Creeper Vine, so unless you want to get rid of it this seems to be the only solution i could find.

Subject: RE: leafhoppers on Virginia Creeper vine
From: Donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 27-Feb-06 02:12 PM EST

I have the solution for you. I use Doktor Doom House and Garden spray each spring when I see them on my virginia creeper and one spray is all that is needed. I have mentioned before that Doktor Doom is one of our sponsors and I say it with pride again because I do not want to recommend something unless I believe in it :) so there you go Sue, try it and you will like it. Do not wet the leaves, just a light spray so that the air carries it is all you need. Doktor Doom is from Alberta, Canada so you know you can get it and it meets all requirements.

Subject: RE: leafhoppers on Virginia Creeper vine
From: Sue
Zone: 3b
Date: 28-Feb-06 11:58 PM EST

Thank you ladies. I'll try Dok Doom as it is available in Alberta & keep my fingers crossed.

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