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What grows here?

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Verena24-Feb-06 06:58 PM EST 3a   
Michelle. L.25-Feb-06 01:28 AM EST 5a   
Sue26-Feb-06 05:20 PM EST 3b   
Verena26-Feb-06 09:29 PM EST 3a   
Michelle. L.27-Feb-06 11:58 AM EST 5a   

Subject: What grows here?
From: Verena
Zone: 3a
Date: 24-Feb-06 06:58 PM EST

Hello all. It look's like winter is going to be here for a while, but I can't fight it anymore and I'm ready to start planning my latest project. We moved to this house nearly two years ago and I have been adding new and working on the existing flower beds ever since. Here's the problem: I have an exisiting flower bed, located in deep shade, under a mature spruce and mountain ash. The spruce was pruned at some point, and some of the bed gets a small amount of indirect light from the late afternoon on (about 3-4 hours). The soil is fairly poor and doesn't retain moisture very well. (When watered it gets muddy, then fairly quickly dries to form a crust.) It's also fairly acidic from the spruce. It has a few perenials in it, which aren't doing very well (not really that surprising) and a whole lot of chickweed which is. My plan, this spring, is to remove all the plants, and relocate them to a different bed, round-up the ground to hopefully get rid of the chickweed, and then add a lot of grass clippings, peat moss, and leaf mulch to help correct the soil. My question is, what can I plant here, that will do well, despite the lack of light and will also survive the winters. Any ideas?

Subject: RE: What grows here?
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 25-Feb-06 01:28 AM EST

Hi Verena.... once you improve the soil, there are many things you could grow there.. hosta's, astilbe's, goatsbeard, daylilies probably even some Asiatic lilies, some of mine aren't in full sun and are just fine. Campanula's, etc.. you could plant an azalea there but for your zone i would say one from the " Northern Lights" group.Also some ferns, heuchera, coral bells, tiarella... hope this helps, they all would be fine in that condition and are all hardy for you. Good Luck, and have fun!!!

Subject: RE: What grows here?
From: Sue
Zone: 3b
Date: 26-Feb-06 05:20 PM EST

Hi Verena - why not try hostas? There are so many varieties for all types of soil & light conditions, and they are extremely hardy in our zone 3 shade garden - which is under a huge mountain ash. Once established, they require very little care, and the beautiful foliage is gorgeous all season long. Get the most "slug-resistant" varieties, and get some with varigated, bright lime green and blue-tinted leaves for a super show.

Subject: RE: What grows here?
From: Verena
Zone: 3a
Date: 26-Feb-06 09:29 PM EST

Michelle and Sue...thanks for the suggestions! I'll definately give some of those a try. I can't wait until it starts to melt out there...come on spring!! :)

Subject: RE: What grows here?
From: Michelle. L.
Zone: 5a
Date: 27-Feb-06 11:58 AM EST

My hands are itching too....i miss my garden [sigh]

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