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Removal of Grass in zone 7b

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susan16-Feb-06 09:39 AM EST 7   
GardenGnome16-Feb-06 01:38 PM EST 6a   
Nancy16-Feb-06 04:17 PM EST 5   

Subject: Removal of Grass in zone 7b
From: susan
Zone: 7
Date: 16-Feb-06 09:39 AM EST

I just bought a 1950's bungalow in Nanaimo with grass in the large back and front yards - no trees or flowers. I want to remove all the grass, and landscape without grass, using trees, shrubs, easy to care for perennials, and so on.

any suggestions on the fastest way to remove (and compost) the grass so I can get to the fun planting part?

thanks, susan

Subject: RE: Removal of Grass in zone 7b
From: GardenGnome
Zone: 6a
Date: 16-Feb-06 01:38 PM EST

One word: glyphosate.

OK, let me qualify that - it's not the FASTEST way - a buddy with a Bobcat would speed things up considerably, but make a lovely mess at the same time.

A week to ten days after spraying with Roundup, Wipeout, whatever, your grass will be as dead as can be. All actively growing weeds will be toast, as well.

I'll now stand aside and let the protesting voices flood in...8-)... (this discussion has been held before)...



Subject: RE: Removal of Grass in zone 7b
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 16-Feb-06 04:17 PM EST

GardenGnome, the only protest coming from this front was from my back. I did a large area with Roundup a number of years ago, and we had a devil of a time rototilling up the dead turf and roots afterward. You also have to wait for the grass to be actively growing to spray for it to work.

My current favourite way is to smother the grass in dark plastic for a couple of months. The warm spring sun will just cook the turf underneath into oblivion in a matter of a month or two. The last time I tried it the ground underneath was immediately workable after the cover came off. While it took a little longer, was kind of ugly, and not exactly easy on the worms, I was able to start earlier, and the resulting bare ground was oh so much easier to work after.

And Susan, don't even THINK about trying to lift the sod by hand. I did a 2 X 50 foot strip to widen by rock garden....never again.

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