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How much asparagus should I plant?

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Nicole H.02-Feb-06 03:52 PM EST 3   
Patricia07-Feb-06 05:26 PM EST 5   
Ed08-Feb-06 06:54 PM EST 5b   
Janet Beavers04-Jun-06 02:44 PM EST 3   

Subject: How much asparagus should I plant?
From: Nicole H.
Zone: 3
Date: 02-Feb-06 03:52 PM EST

I am CRAZY about asparagus!!

Last fall I prepared an area where I could grow my own. Can someone please tell me how many crowns I should plant to feed 4 people? If anyone has any tips on variety or growing, I'd love to hear.

Thank you very much!!


Subject: RE: How much asparagus should I plant?
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 07-Feb-06 05:26 PM EST

Nicole - you are only supposed to harvest 75% of the shoots - so figure how many asp. tips you want per person, then divide by three, multiply by four to obtain the number of shoots you want. For four people, I would say plant a nice row, say 8 to 10 feet long. Can anyone say otherwise?

Subject: RE: How much asparagus should I plant?
From: Ed
Zone: 5b
Date: 08-Feb-06 06:54 PM EST

Asparagus are heavy feeders so working lots of humus/fertilizer in the soil well before planting will be beneficial. Whether planted in a row or block each plant requires a minimum of one square foot. Bear in mind that harvesting is done only over a 4 to 6 week period and that for the rest of the year, hopefully for many years, the area in which they are planted is useless for any other purpose ! Also, how much,if any, would you like to freeze each year ? Then,too,harvesting will be minimal during the first 3 years when you will obtain your requirement from other sources.You may later prefer to supplement your harvest from such sources. Growing your own food is an inexact science at best, make a few mistakes and learn from them ! I realize I haven't answeresd your question - I don't know anyone who can. But I hope this turns out to be of some help. You can't lose, the joy of trying is worth every minute. ENJOY !

Subject: Why don't my asparagus crowns sprout?
From: Janet Beavers
Zone: 3
Date: 04-Jun-06 02:44 PM EST

Hi folks,

For the 2nd year now I have prepared a beautifully trenched bed in a good soil and put in asparagus crowns. They didn't sprout last year and the new ones have been in about a month now and no sign of growth. We've has soe good rain and sunshine. I soaked them overnight before planting them. What could be going wrong? I'm about to give up though I love asparagus. Janet

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