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Trish27-Jan-06 05:38 PM EST 8   
Glen T27-Jan-06 11:41 PM EST 7   
Trish28-Jan-06 09:22 AM EST 8   

Subject: Canna
From: Trish
Zone: 8
Date: 27-Jan-06 05:38 PM EST

On checking my overwintered Canna, I found some mold. I've taken them out of the boxes to dry out. Is it too early to pot them up and put them in an unheated greenhouse. What temperature would they need to be at? It's quite mild here during the day, but does get down to 2c overnight.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Subject: RE: Canna
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 27-Jan-06 11:41 PM EST

Trish, you're probably aware that cannas are pretty reliable overwintering outdoors here. Nonetheless, keeping them indoors like you are is the absolutely guaranteed method, and should work fine.

I would sprinkle a bit of powdered sulphur on the mold...this is good for dahlia tubers as well, dipping the cut ends in it to keep any rot from starting.

Starting the cannas now probably wouldn't help much, as they seem to get going only when things warm up later in spring. On the other hand, putting them in moist media to start them now, would just increase the chance of more mold. Unless you have heat in the greenhouse, I'd hold off until things warm up some.

All my cannas are in the ground, and I expect them to do very well with the mild winter...they suffered quite a bit of cold damage the last 2 January's that went to -10C ish, but it looks like we'll be luckier this year.

Subject: RE: Canna
From: Trish
Zone: 8
Date: 28-Jan-06 09:22 AM EST

Glen, I had thought about leaving them in the ground, but the local nursery advised strongly against it. So thought I'd better be safe than sorry.

I had no problems last year, but think this year the shed they were in seemed a little damp. I did dust them all with sulphur. Will take your advice and repeat the process. Then I'll find a dryer storage area for them.

Thanks for the advice.

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