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Seed Catalogs and Regions

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Mike19-Jan-06 06:54 PM EST
cathaleen19-Jan-06 08:56 PM EST 3   
Mike20-Jan-06 09:30 AM EST   
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Subject: Seed Catalogs and Regions
From: Mike
Date: 19-Jan-06 06:54 PM EST

It being that time of year when the seed catalogs come out, and planning begins, however being a newcomer to this particular vice, I do have a question. Up until now, I've simply bought seeds from my garden center, and it's now time to explore the unusual.

Simply put I live on the West Coast, and in looking at seed catalogs from this region, and catalogs from other regions, I'm struck by the different seeds within a general category, for example, tomato.

There are few if any seed names duplicated in the two catalogs, so, if I was to order seeds from the east, would I get the kind of results from those seeds as I would if living in the east?

Would I be better off ordering from regional suppliers?

Subject: RE: Seed Catalogs and Regions
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Jan-06 08:56 PM EST


I live in the middle of BC and order seeds from all across N America - have no fear from where you want to order - there are lots of great companies, Thompson & Morgan, Veseys, Stokes - and this year I have ordred more unique perennial seeds from Gardens North and PatrickStudios - I am really happy with the service from all of these suppliers and they certainly aren't regional to me. It's your growing zone and how will that plant do in you area. If you want to check out any online companies - check out the Garden Watchdog website - they list online suppliers for N America . They are a good resource. Just a order a few items if you want to start cautiously.....

I would advise price comparison online - and how many seeds per packet - there can be a huge difference. Definelty not all seed companies carry the same products - ie not everyone carries the Tumbler Tomatos, so take you time and decide what appeals to you. Have fun it is easy to lose yourself in these seed catalogues.....

Subject: RE: Seed Catalogs and Regions
From: Mike
Date: 20-Jan-06 09:30 AM EST

Thanks for the reply :)

I was far more interested in the selection available, and hoped it would be the case that seeds from anywhere would live long and prosper.

Some varieties look downright fascinating.

Next trick, don't over order.

Subject: RE: Seed Catalogs and Regions
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 20-Jan-06 03:54 PM EST

I have had no problems with viability of seeds. I also put my unused seeds in the freezer - and have never had a problem with their germination....The great thing for you at the coast is you have a longer growing season then a lot of places, so you will have no problem being successful with seeds from many areas . Whereas, I am always looking for short growing season varieties for veggies. I have flats of perennial already started - some have germinated and others it will may be up to 3 mos with the warm/cold/warm cycle required for some...

You are absolutely correct - in the " don't over order syndrome" - I have suffered from this but really know my plants and needs much better now....and let's face it there are way worse vices in the world then a love for gardening!!!

No question the selection of choices is so much larger online/catalogues vs local nursery choices - which stock what they expect will sell to the typical gardener who may not be looking for unique plants or choices. It's a good place to learn by trial and error - certainly I did.

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