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Sweet Autumn Clematis (clematis terniflora)

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cathaleen17-Jan-06 09:35 PM EST 3   
Marg19-Jan-06 06:10 AM EST 5b   
Kim19-Jan-06 12:35 PM EST 5a   
Nancy19-Jan-06 02:32 PM EST 5   
cathaleen19-Jan-06 04:47 PM EST 3   

Subject: Sweet Autumn Clematis (clematis terniflora)
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 17-Jan-06 09:35 PM EST

Greetings gardeners, I know it's early to be looking for specific plants in January, but here goes. Does anyone know where I would be able to buy Sweet Autumn clematis this spring??? I am guessing I will be looking via the web - so if anyone knows of a good site, I would appreciate it. thanks. ( and would prefer one in Canada)

Subject: RE: Sweet Autumn Clematis (clematis terniflora)
From: Marg
Zone: 5b
Date: 19-Jan-06 06:10 AM EST

Hi Cathaleen. I bought a Sweet Autumn Clematis 4 years ago. We planted it at the cottage in zone 5a. It is a very open area with strong winds and cold temps at night, it didn't survive even 3 winters. I bought another one to replace it. I'll see how it does for me. I have since bought another similar clematis. It is a Skinner introduction similar to the Sweet Autumn. I'm hoping this one will be hardier than the Sweet Autumn. I bought the Sweet Autumn Clematis at Humbers in Brampton. The Skinner one can be purchased anywhere they sell Heritage Perennials. I bought mine at the Garden Gallery. Another good source of clematis is JDS. You can do a google search for them. Hope this helps. Marg

Subject: RE: Sweet Autumn Clematis (clematis terniflora)
From: Kim
Zone: 5a
Date: 19-Jan-06 12:35 PM EST

Hi Cathaleen,

I also had a problem with the longevity of Sweet Autumn Clematis. It also only last three years. But I will say that it was very vigorous so it did bring immediate enjoyment.

Subject: RE: Sweet Autumn Clematis (clematis terniflora)
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 19-Jan-06 02:32 PM EST

Hi Cathaleen,

I doubt that clematis terniflora is going to be hardy enough for you there in zone 3. The few sites I checked show the lower end of it's range as either 4 or 5.

Have you been able to grow other clematises?

Subject: RE: Sweet Autumn Clematis (clematis terniflora)
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 19-Jan-06 04:47 PM EST

Hello Ladies,

i do have several clematis in my garden - and all have thrived. Right now our garden has some lovely micro climates in it - however, where I was intending to plant it - against a back fence with a large wooded greenbelt behind us - is about to be logged due to the BC Pine Beetle problem.....and we are in a zone 3 - but of late -20 C has been our coldest weather. So, I am keen to give this a try and then can protect it - as a inital wht the heck - let's give this a try.....that's what makes us gardeners isn't it - eternal optimism that we can succeed where others have failed!!! I am assuming you have all bought yours from local nurseries?

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