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Ann02-Jan-06 04:30 PM EST 5   
Ed05-Jan-06 06:27 AM EST 5   
Ann11-Jan-06 04:12 PM EST   

Subject: Newfoundland
From: Ann
Zone: 5
Date: 02-Jan-06 04:30 PM EST

We were in Newfoundland in August and noticed many garden plots right beside the road, mostly growing potatoes and squash. Does anyone know why they are planted where they are?

Subject: RE: Newfoundland
From: Ed
Zone: 5
Date: 05-Jan-06 06:27 AM EST

I asked a genuine Newfie for an explanation, his Newfie response was : " So they're handy for harvesting as needed - why would anyone be so stupid as to plant them in the back 40, requiring a half- mile or longer walk before dinner ?

Subject: RE: Newfoundland
From: Ann
Date: 11-Jan-06 04:12 PM EST

Well, some of these plots were in the middle of nowhere, not a house in sight.

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