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Bob27-Dec-05 08:25 AM EST 5a   
Patricia 28-Dec-05 03:02 PM EST 5a   
Bob29-Dec-05 09:30 AM EST   
Dorothy03-Jan-06 03:31 AM EST 4   
Bob03-Jan-06 08:41 AM EST 5   
Maureen04-Jan-06 08:20 AM EST 5a   
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Carol03-Feb-06 07:19 AM EST 5a   

Subject: New Brunswick
From: Bob
Zone: 5a
Date: 27-Dec-05 08:25 AM EST

Greetings, Does anyone have any gardening experience in Saint John? I am interested in alpines and plants for rock walls.


Subject: RE: New Brunswick
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5a
Date: 28-Dec-05 03:02 PM EST

Greetings, Bob! I am in Ottawa, so I don't know much about gardening in New Brunswick. I recommend that you contact Kingsbrae Gardens in St. Andrews. They should be able to provide you with contact information for New Brunswick garden clubs, especially a garden club around St. John. Garden clubs are made up of enthusiastic non-professional gardeners: they have "all the dirt"! They know what grows and where, they love to share. So that's my advice: establish contact with your local garden club, go to one or more of their meetings, you will find all the info you need! Happy New Year!

Subject: RE: New Brunswick
From: Bob
Date: 29-Dec-05 09:30 AM EST

Greetings and thanks, I will visit their website.

Happy New Year


Subject: RE: New Brunswick
From: Dorothy
Zone: 4
Date: 03-Jan-06 03:31 AM EST

Hi Bob,

I can recommend three good nurseries in your general area. The first is Corn Hill Nursery (where I used to work). Bob Osborne has been gardening and landscaping in the area for twenty years. They're in Petitcodiac, which is a drive from SJ, but the advice and the display gardens (and the food) are well worth a day trip in good weather.

The second place I'd recommend is a nursery on the Kingston Peninsula whose name I can't for the life of me remember off-hand (I'm in China right now, so I don't have Kingston phone listings at hand). I think it's called Gorham's ... but a talk with any avid gardener in SJ will confirm.

The third place I'd recommend (if you're a die-hard) is Bunchberry Nursery in the Annapolis Valley in NS. It's a bit of a hike to get there too, and you have to pay attention to zone differences, but my goodness, they's offer a great selection of groundcovers for those rock walls, and a pile of free expertise to go along with it.

Good luck.

Dorothy usually from Codys (the centre of the universe)

Subject: RE: New Brunswick
From: Bob
Zone: 5
Date: 03-Jan-06 08:41 AM EST

Greetings and thanks, I have proeprty in Nova Scotia and will visit Bunchberry when we travel there. I will also check out the other nurseries.

Subject: RE: New Brunswick
From: Maureen (
Zone: 5a
Date: 04-Jan-06 08:20 AM EST

Just a small word for Kingsbrae Garden -- great to see us quoted as a resource for gardeners. It is one of the main aims of our 27 acre horticultural garden -- to help to educate and encourage gardeners.... besides being absolutely beautiful and always growing. New for 2006, a castle is added to the Children's Fantasy Garden and we will have peafowl on site: 2 peacocks and 2 peahens! Also a number of fabulous Don Pell sculptures remain [permanently] on site from last year's exhibit. We have several wonderful rockery gardens, plenty of stone walls and also a full service plant centre, open about 10 months of the year, where we sell Kingsbrae Garden propagations as well as hardy nursery plants. Thanks, Patricia, for the recommendation, and we welcome gardening questions! cheers, Maureen

Subject: RE: New Brunswick
From: Dorothy
Date: 05-Jan-06 02:56 AM EST

I agree wholehearteldy -- those Pell sculptures are fantastic, and I particularly like their siting. Congrats on all the great work you folks are doing at Kingsbrae. We make sure to visit the garden at least a couple of times every season, and we're always impressed with your growing collection.

Subject: RE: New Brunswick
From: Carol (
Zone: 5a
Date: 03-Feb-06 07:19 AM EST

Bob the place Dorthy is thinking of on the Peninsula is called Ganongs. I live in Westfield and I went to Ganongs for the first time this past summer and it was an all day affair,there are several large greenhouses and he has a lot of plants outside as well.Every plant I bought from there did exceptionally well in my garden.My garden club plans a trip there in the fall when he has everything on sale for really great prices.

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