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miniature roses

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Veronica22-Dec-05 08:09 PM EST 1   
Patricia23-Dec-05 08:53 PM EST 5a   
Veronica24-Dec-05 10:56 AM EST 1   
Kim 11-Mar-06 10:18 AM EST 3   
Greg20-Mar-06 06:34 PM EST 3a   
Veronica23-Mar-06 02:18 PM EST 1   

Subject: miniature roses
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 22-Dec-05 08:09 PM EST

I am overwintering miniature roses in a cellar. They had lost their leaves when they were put down there.I checked them today for dryness, and find that some have sprouted soft white shoots.I have 2 questions:When should I bring the roses back up to the light?How long should their rest period last?The temperature hangs around 50F.It drops lower when the weather gets colder,so I had hoped they were cool enough.I don't want to risk a spider-mite problem in the greenhouse with struggling roses by hauling them out too early.I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has overwintered roses in dark ,cool spots. Thank you.

Subject: RE: miniature roses
From: Patricia (iris1@rogers.com)
Zone: 5a
Date: 23-Dec-05 08:53 PM EST

Veronica: my only experience with mini roses has been leaving them in the garden in the winter. They are pretty hardy for us. But then, we are in zone 5, not zone 1 like you. I would think, though, that 50 degrees is not cold enough to put the plant into dormancy. What about in your garage, but wrapped up really well, against the "house" wall?

Subject: RE: miniature roses
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 24-Dec-05 10:56 AM EST

Patricia: Thanks for the reply.I am afraid our garage is a separate building and is even warmer. It's a workshop too.I am wondering how long their dormancy period should last?The roses come from southern BC,so would they be geared towards a short winter anyway?They had been leafless for quite a while when I put them in the cellar on Oct.28.I would like to leave them down there rather than struggle with them in the greenhouse,but don't want to kill them either!

Subject: RE: miniature roses
From: Kim
Zone: 3
Date: 11-Mar-06 10:18 AM EST

Over the winter of 2004/05 I put some miniature roses in the "beer" fridge in the basement. They were in there about 5 months and I watered them maybe every 6 weeks. Might have been just good luck but they came back very nicely.

Subject: RE: miniature roses
From: Greg
Zone: 3a
Date: 20-Mar-06 06:34 PM EST

My wife and I have succesfully overwintered miniture roses in our garden for the lastr 4 years. Even in Zone 1, if you mulch with 10 cm of leaf and bark mulch, they should come back.

Subject: RE: miniature roses
From: Veronica
Zone: 1
Date: 23-Mar-06 02:18 PM EST

Thank you for the replies.I brought the roses back up after we received 8 hours of daylight. All except 2 have lived,and are blooming.I am having a bit of trouble with spidermites,but they seem to be thriving.Greg: Are your roses planted in your garden?Doesn't the frost penetrate to the roots?Or do miniature roses survive being frozen,like shrub roses,e.g Therese Bugnet?Kim:Did you find that different varieties of miniature roses need different lengths of time for dormancy? The 2 roses that appear to be dead seemed alive when I brought them back out.Thanks again for replying,Veronica

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