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Carla22-Nov-05 03:26 PM EST 5b   
Michelle22-Nov-05 05:06 PM EST 5b   
Michelle23-Nov-05 11:39 PM EST 5b   
cathaleen26-Nov-05 07:01 PM EST 3   
Patricia 30-Nov-05 05:43 PM EST 5   
sue turner01-Dec-05 03:02 AM EST 5b   
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Michelle03-Dec-05 08:58 PM EST 5b   

Subject: Mail order company
From: Carla
Zone: 5b
Date: 22-Nov-05 03:26 PM EST

Help!!! I am losing my mail order companies. I was dealing with Perennial Gardens for several years but they got out of mail order so I switched to Guru Garden last year and I feel like I jinxed them as they left mail order also. I was very happy with both companies. They both carried a large variety of unique perennials that were hardy in my zone. Does anyone successfully deal with a similar style of Canadian company that has a fairly large variety and decent sized plants, etc. Thanks Carla

Subject: RE: Mail order company
From: Michelle
Zone: 5b
Date: 22-Nov-05 05:06 PM EST

Although this is NOT a mail-order company, I would just like to mention Blue Mountain Nursery. If you are ever in the Okanogan, they are in Armstrong [near Vernon} and you will Not be disappointed.. friendly, helpful staff, LARGE pots of plants and very cheap!!!! I don't know how they can stay in buisness with those prices.

Subject: RE: Mail order company
From: Michelle
Zone: 5b
Date: 23-Nov-05 11:39 PM EST

Hi Carla, if you search out fraser's thimble farm on your computer , a little down the list they have a list of mail order nursery's they reccommend.. check it out

Subject: RE: Mail order company
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 26-Nov-05 07:01 PM EST

I can relate Carla, I used the Perennial Garden mailorder for several years and was saddened by their closing their nursery to those of us out of the lower mainland of BC..... I however, have found a great small local nursery - that is fabulous near where I live - lots of unique plants, and really well priced, so I haven't been using Mail order now for plants - just for seeds. I have paid the $5 for the catalog from - which is a Canadian company - and you get that money off your first order, so I am going to order some stock from this spring as a tryout. Daves Garden Watchdog website is good - it lists mail order companies of N America - and customers rate them. So if you find one it may be a good source to check out the customer satisfaction. I have used it for checking out companies in the past and have not ordered from some due to the information found there. Good luck. Hope you find one that suits your wish list

Subject: RE: Mail order company
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5
Date: 30-Nov-05 05:43 PM EST

For the regular stuff, I use Stokes. For unusual greens,like mesclun mixtures, I use Cook's Garden in the US. A new one to me is Terra Edibles. Canadian, and they specialize in organic seeds for heritage vegies.

Subject: RE: Mail order companies
From: sue turner
Zone: 5b
Date: 01-Dec-05 03:02 AM EST

i too was sad when guru gardener & perennial gardens stopped their mail order. guru gardener will be at the peterboro gardening show in peterboro on april 15 & 16. great show. lots of plant vendors. will check out website from cathaleen. great hostas from hosta choice gardens.

Subject: RE: Mail order company
From: Michelle
Zone: 5b
Date: 01-Dec-05 10:19 PM EST

To Sue Turner: if you like hosta's i have to mention one inparticular that is GREAT!! If you see it in a nursery.. go smell it.. it smells wonderful and very strong,pure white flowers and light green foliage. It is called Stained Glass and if you find it and love hosta's i know you wont be able to walk away and leave it there

Subject: RE: Mail order company
From: Donna
Zone: 3a
Date: 02-Dec-05 01:43 PM EST

I have gotten a lot of things over the years from Dugald at Gardenimport. I would recommend them. Their material is healthy and if there are any problems, they stand behind it. He is always at Canada Blooms each year.

Stokes Seeds..well you must know they are a sponsor on our site and therefore their products are preferred...:) and besides that they are a great company to deal with. They will be 125 years old next year. Their 2006 catalogue has just been sent to those who signed up to receive it on their site. If you want a copy, just go to the top of this page and click on their little logo, it will take you to their site.

Terra Edibles is also another company I highly recommend.

Always support companies in Canada!

Michelle, you sound like the lady who is on the Live Chat on Sundays with Art. Nice to see you here and helping others with garden questions...:)

Subject: RE: Mail order company
From: Michelle
Zone: 5b
Date: 03-Dec-05 08:58 PM EST

Hi Donna, yes it is me, this website is great as is the live chat.. very helpful, just like to help if i can, it's intresting to hear others with their experiences and problems.. i think i could garden for years and years and still always learn new things.

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