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arbutus tree; aeonium

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shirley12-Nov-05 12:21 PM EST 8   
Glen T12-Nov-05 01:07 PM EST 7   

Subject: arbutus tree; aeonium
From: shirley
Zone: 8
Date: 12-Nov-05 12:21 PM EST

I have two small seedling arbutus trees that some started growing in a basket that I had outside about two years ago.I think the birds must have dropped seeds in the basket. They are still doing well in the basket but I would like to transplant them. Can you help me with some advice on what and what not to do. I know they don't like to be transplanted.I also have a large Aeonium which I have brought indoors for the winter.It is starting to rise up in the center reaching for the light I suppose.I know you can over winter them in a frost free greenhouse. I have a small greenhouse that is just covered in heavy plastic.Do you think I could over winter it there or does the greenhouse have to be heated. I hope you can help me.

Subject: RE: arbutus tree; aeonium
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 12-Nov-05 01:07 PM EST

Shirley--does it look like you could just plant the contents of this basket in the ground, so as to avoid disturbing the arbutus roots? I have heard of people successfully transplanting small ones, but they will definitely hate you for it! If you do have to pull them out of the container, try to disturb roots as little as possible and set them in a well drained spot to grow. I would move them right now, as they are not terribly hardy in a container...roots will be better insulated from cold in the ground. Put some mulch around the root ball till spring, to avoid the frost heaving the plant up. I might remove most of that mulch in spring to allow lots of air to access the root area (don't suffocate the plant) tho a bit of mulch will help to keep the microbes which are very beneficial to this tree.

The aeonium won't make it without some heat over the winter...a plastic house is no warmer (sometimes actually colder) than outdoors. Keeping the plant dryish over the winter will help to avoid it stretching too much...tho being a "mediterranean" type species, it will want to grow in the cool fall/spring months like now, and be more sluggish in the heat of summer. I would try to find that magical cool, bright spot that so few of us have in our houses...a frost free greenhouse would be perfect alright.

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