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Donna27-Oct-05 05:50 AM EST 6a   
Glen T27-Oct-05 08:07 AM EST 7   
Donna27-Oct-05 02:38 PM EST   
Glen T27-Oct-05 09:41 PM EST 7   
marg28-Oct-05 07:58 AM EST   
Nancy01-Nov-05 03:19 PM EST 5   

Subject: coleus
From: Donna
Zone: 6a
Date: 27-Oct-05 05:50 AM EST

I took cuttings off my coleus plants about 2 weeks ago and nearly half have died.I put them in potting soil and watered them.Does anyone know why they would be dying so soon?Thanks

Subject: RE: coleus
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 27-Oct-05 08:07 AM EST

Donna--two helpful things would be to keep the tops humid...a plastic dome or some other clear cover could help with this...and some warmth under the pot...a heating pad or some other source.

Other possibilities are that the cuttings had disease or other damage in them that caused them to succumb before rooting and growing away. This is more possible if the cuttings came from your outdoor garden, where plants decline going into the fall just when we start to think about doing some cuttings!

Also the potting soil needs to be moist, but not so wet that rot would set in or oxygen limited...roots happen when both water and oxygen are present in a nice balance.

Subject: RE: coleus
From: Donna
Date: 27-Oct-05 02:38 PM EST

Thanks,Glen,The soil was really wet and I think maybe they are rotting.Could I do cuttings and put them in water to root?

Subject: RE: coleus
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 27-Oct-05 09:41 PM EST

Donna--I think coleus is one of those plants that sometimes root okay in water. Still, it should be even easier using a medium of peat and sand, or peat and perlite, or the potting soil like African violet soil or some other fairly sterile mix.

Rooting in water starts out okay, but the plant gets in trouble when you take it out and stick it finally in some soil.

I would just be very careful in watering, this is one of the tricks of propagating. Getting the moisture like Goldilocks, not too much, not too little, just right! That way the roots can start and take off into the soil right away with no setbacks.

Subject: RE: coleus
From: marg
Date: 28-Oct-05 07:58 AM EST

Hi Donna. I started my coleus cuttings in a potting/seeding mix. The first time, I dipped the ends in rooting hormone powder but then I tried it without. They did fine both ways. I didn't bother with a plastic dome or anything, just kept the soil moist. Hope this helps. marg

Subject: RE: coleus
From: Nancy
Zone: 5
Date: 01-Nov-05 03:19 PM EST

I do a lot of coleus cuttings every year, and I find the key is to use clean pots, moistened soiless seeding/cutting mix, keep them covered with a dome or plastic bags only until they root, then keep them as dry as you dare (I wait till I get a hint of wilt) before you water them. When I see the first dropping leaves, a sure sign of fungus problems, I treat with Benomyl fungicide.

Even with this, I still loose a fair number, so always take plenty more cuttings that I figure I'm going to need.

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