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Dwight18-Oct-05 04:20 PM EST 6b   
Patricia18-Oct-05 06:07 PM EST 5a   
Glen T19-Oct-05 07:35 AM EST 7   
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Dwight23-Oct-05 04:25 PM EST   

Subject: Banana tree
From: Dwight
Zone: 6b
Date: 18-Oct-05 04:20 PM EST

We have been given a banana tree and am wondering what we should do for the winter. We are in the Lower Mainland of BC, Canada

Subject: RE: Banana tree
From: Patricia (
Zone: 5a
Date: 18-Oct-05 06:07 PM EST

Dwight: I don't know much about the hardiness in your location. If you have just recently been given this plant and it is still potted, my tendency would be to overwinter it indoors for this year, because it might not have time to establish itself this late in the year. In the spring, plant it in a sheltered spot and it should make itself at home. We grow a type of banana here in Ottawa that comes from Japan and is very hardy. Of course, we get extremely cold weather! So our banana is planted in a very sheltered spot (south, next to a wall) and we also have the outflow pipe from our house underground. So heat above and below. We cut the plant to the ground after the first frosts, cover the spot with straw plus a tarpaulin. In spring, we uncover and it starts to grow again! This, in spite of minus 30 spells...

Subject: RE: Banana tree
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 19-Oct-05 07:35 AM EST

Dwight--a buddy in Vancouver has a big assortment of bananas in the ground. He does dig and store all the tender types in his basement for the winter (cuts off the foliage and lets them dry out in perfect cool dark basement until spring).

If yours is still in a container, that would be the easiest thing to do now. If it is the most common plain green type (basjoo) it could stay out till a bit of frost defoliates it for you, then store it in total darkness and no water till spring. Then plant it in the ground, as it is perfectly hardy here. Some people wrap the trunks in bubble wrap so they don't die back to the roots each year, can give you quite a tall "tree" over time!

All the other varieties (variegated and red leaved types) are tender and will have to be grown in larger containers or planted and yanked out again each fall.

Subject: RE: Banana tree
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 19-Oct-05 08:18 AM EST

Dwight--just checked with my friend. He does let the bananas experience "near-frost" before sending them to the dark storage area. Otherwise they try to continue growing weakly for a while in storage, wasting their energy. So it might be a while before you want to store it away, judging by the warm and wet at the moment...

Subject: Banana tree
From: Dwight
Date: 23-Oct-05 04:25 PM EST

Thanks to all who replied. Exactly what I needed.

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