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"Liming garden" - before/ after ground frozen

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cathaleen16-Oct-05 09:49 AM EST 3   
Glen T16-Oct-05 10:52 AM EST 7   

Subject: spreading lime on the garden
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 16-Oct-05 09:49 AM EST

I am going to spread lime on my garden this fall - due to problems with moss and acid levels of the soil. Does anyone know if I should wait til the ground is frozen to do this or do I do it before - just with the plants not activily growing?? Anyone who knows I would appreciate their advice. Thanks

Subject: RE:
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 16-Oct-05 10:52 AM EST

Cathaleen--as long as you're using limestone, not hydrated lime, it could go on doesn't burn like some fertilizers.

Waiting for the ground to freeze will prevent the lime from getting into the soil, so not sure why you'd want to wait.

And generally, you want to apply small amounts of lime often, rather than try to correct deficiency all in one big dump. There's a reason why you're soil isn't holding the calcium, so putting a bunch on at once probably means some of it will just get lost as well. Of course, it's more work to apply a bit every 6 months or so, but it would be better for the garden that way.

Finally, lime rarely does anything to moss. We have it here in the rainforest growing on our crushed limestone pathway. Much more important is sufficient iron in the soil, as well as overall fertility.

Moss grows thru our unfertilized lawn here, in full sun, with a pH around 7. Good fertility would be the one thing that would overpower it, tho I'm not interested in fertilizing lawn so the moss stays!

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