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Ailsa09-Oct-05 07:38 PM EST 6a   
Glen T10-Oct-05 10:35 AM EST 7   
Ailsa11-Oct-05 09:50 PM EST   

Subject: Pest?
From: Ailsa
Zone: 6a
Date: 09-Oct-05 07:38 PM EST

I have a climbing hydrangea which each year has been troubled with some type of pest which I have yet to see. "It" chews large holes out of the new growth,and the leaves look like they have been attacked with a paper punch. (the holes are very round). I thought it was earwigs at one time, but have eliminated that problem.I believe whatever it is must get them at night. Any ideas? and what can I do to prevent this next spring?

Subject: RE: Pest?
From: Glen T
Zone: 7
Date: 10-Oct-05 10:35 AM EST

Ailsa--I had a similar experience here with my arbutus unedo. The new growth would be "punched" into almost perfect circles, and I could never see any bug that was doing the chewing.

Turns out this is the leaf cutter bee. Not much you can do about it, the bees are actually good for pollinating...can you live with the damage?

Subject: RE: Pest?
From: Ailsa
Date: 11-Oct-05 09:50 PM EST

How interesting. thanks! I'll live with it!

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