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pelargoniums/annual geraniums

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Subject: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 01-Oct-05 10:43 AM EST

I am just bringing in my pelargoniums for the season - and I have tried overwintering in the dark/ under light/ hanging plants by roots in basement - all kinds of advice - all with some success - but does anyone have a GREAT way to overwinter their plants??? I would love to hear it.

Subject: RE: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: Marg
Date: 03-Oct-05 05:23 AM EST

Hi. I used to try hanging mine in the basement bareroot and they always came back spindly. Since then, I've dug my plants up, shook off all the soil and pruned back both the roots and tops, and then repotted them. I keep them in a cool garage (we keep it just above freezing) and water maybe once or twice during the winter. I water because I don't want the roots to dry out. In Feb, I start to water regularly and when they show active signs of growth, I start to fertilize. I've had good luck doing this for the past 7 years. Hope this helps. Marg

Subject: RE: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: janine (
Zone: 2b
Date: 03-Oct-05 09:54 AM EST

Hi Marg: I too am interested in a reliable overwintering method. a couple of questions - I am assuming you put the geraniums in a window in your garage, what direction does it face? Also, what part of the country do you live in? Here in Northern Alberta we get VERY little light during December and January, do you use artificial light for the geraniums? Thanks for the help. Janine

Subject: RE: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: Marg
Zone: 5b
Date: 03-Oct-05 01:18 PM EST

Hi Janine. I'm in southern Ontario, an hour east of Toronto. We do not have windows in the garage and I do not use artificial lights. Using lights will encourage the plants to grow and I don't want that. Even without lights, the plants will stay alive and with minimal water, the roots won't dry out. I assume that's why the didn't survive when I used to hang them upside down in the garage. As I said, the garage is just above freezing. Is your garage heated? If it is, don't keep it to warm. When I do want them to start growing, I start to turn on the garage lights at night. Eric put 4 sets of flouresents in when he built the garage as a workshop for himself. If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask. Marg

Subject: RE: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 03-Oct-05 08:07 PM EST

Sounds like Janine and I are in the same sort of environment - I am in central BC - and we have a carport - so I have to shift my plants inside - I will go with the no light thing in our basement this year - and water when dried right out. I hate lousing any of these plants - I have grow lights so in the spring I can get them going - it's that I seem to lose a few every winter - but likely water is the issue - I forget to check their dryness - will try putting reminders on the calendar..

How about Dracaena (?)spikes - any luck with shifing those inside

Subject: RE: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: Marg
Date: 04-Oct-05 05:41 AM EST

Good morning. I forgot to mention that when I repot them, I spray the tops with insecticidal soap and water the rest into the soil. This will kill (hopefully) any insect eggs in the soil. Cathaleen, I don't let the plants dry completely. In a cool basement, they will stay damp. Good luck. Marg

Subject: RE: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: Erin
Zone: 6a
Date: 04-Oct-05 11:28 AM EST

Hi, I too have been overwintering my gerainiums for several years but I don't hang them or repot them. Instead I take a cutting from the plant, with about 4inches of a strong steam, and put them under a grow light for the winter. I keep the room cool, below room temp, and provide 10-12 hours of light. I usually put them directly into a light potting soil and water when ever they dry out. If it looks as though some aren't doing well I will take them out of the soil and stick them in a cup of water untill roots just start developing them they go back in the soil. I have found that some types of gerainums do not overwinter well no matter what i do, this year it was the hybrid whites that didn't make it, while the hybrid pinks flourished! For the first few months I remove any flower buds that happen to develop and give a transplant fertilizer, to help the plant develop some size. By febuary I warm things up, use all pupose fertilize regularly and give min12hrs of light (or whatever nature is giving at that point in your area). by this time the plants have some size and I let the flowers stay. In march I move them outdoors during the day and once nightime temp are 10ish they stay outside. like taking cuttings because I can multiply my favourite plant year after year, and theres less chance of losing it all together!

Subject: RE: pelargoniums/annual geraniums
From: cathaleen
Zone: 3
Date: 04-Oct-05 08:33 PM EST

I like the idea of the cuttings - I had done those years ago, but when I didn't have any grow lights to provide the light the cuttings will keep my geraniums in the dark, watering when required - and will try and series of cuttings as well - should have success there somehow. How about ivy geraniums - do you do cuttings of those too??? I have had no success in overwintering those......

And I think I will try my draecana spikes in some light - and low watering too - see if they make it through the season.....

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